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Danger Girl # 1 (1998)

 By Mark Rodriguez Danger Girl is another one of those series from the late 90's/early 2000's that I only heard about from Wizard magazine, similar to Witchblade, Gen 13 and the Tomb Raider comics. I finally got my hands on the first issue, so let's see what adventures these super spies get themselves into. "Dangerously Yours" opens with a 'previously on Danger Girl' that explains that Abbey Chase snuck into the Costa Rican lair of known criminal Donavin Conrad to steal the Golden Skull of Koo Koo Diego. Donavin managed to capture her and get the skull first and Abbey used an explosion as a distraction to escape and continue to pursue him. The Danger Girls are on the way to get her. Abbey stole a jeep and in trying to escape her captors she ended up driving off a cliff.  Elsewhere in the Bahamas, a man is relaxing an talking through a modified coconut phone as he hears of an explosion in the area that the Danger Girls were in. The man assures him that the
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Batman (2024) # 149

 By Mark Rodriguez Batman and his crew have defeated Daniel Captio and Failsafe, but one of their many plans involved creating a Robin of their own. While fighting Tim Drake, it's revealed that the clone was a younger Bruce Wayne in a Robin costume. After the defeat of Failsafe, the question remained, what happened to the clone? His story continues here. 'A Good Fantasy' opens with a man pulling a gun on someone over money owed to Cobblepot. A dark figure stops him and punches the guy out. Batman monologues that they've been looking for the clone and he figured that a Bruce Wayne that was lost and confused would eventually end up in Crime Alley. Batman confronts the Robin clone. The clone angrily lashes out at Batman, saying he killed his 'father' Failsafe. Batman catches the punch and restrains him as the clone breaks down, saying he's alone and doesn't know what to do. Batman monologues that Zur was still a part of him and all of this was his fault, s

Batman (2024) # 148

 By Mark Rodriguez The robot Failsafe, with the memories of Batman's split personality Zur-En-Arrh , has convinced the city that he is the 'true' Batman. He has locked away Bruce Wayne into Blackgate prison alongside other Gotham criminals. Bruce managed to escape and hide in a former Justice League hideout, where he eventually runs into Tim Drake. After time to heal and plan, Bruce suits up in a new Batman costume as he prepares to settle things. Meanwhile, Failsafe is assembling an army of Amazo robots. 'The Storm' flashbacks to when a younger Bruce was still training under Daniel. Bruce doesn't agree with the method of creating back up personalities, and says his plan won't work if he doesn't have full control of himself. Daniel says he's giving him ultimate control, he's giving him the tools to stop a storm by becoming a storm. Back to modern say, Bruce tells Tim to call the family and tell them that 'it's time'.  Damian is tied

TMNT Saturday Morning Adventures Continued # 14

 By Mark Rodriguez Mr. Ogg has returned and is angry that the Turtles continue to break the fourth wall. After getting rid of him once, he had returned with an event called the Ogglympics, and if the Turtles lose they'll be erased from existence. The Turtles defeated a dragon, but lost the second event which involved Creepy Eddie impersonating different versions of the Turtles from other shows. The tie-breaker involves the Turtles facing all of their enemies, past, present and future! "What rhymes with Melee? (The Ogglympics Part 3) starts with Shredder and Krang confused as to how they arrived. Shredder thinks Krang was the one that pulled him out of being stranded in between dimensions. Krang is confused how he got his android body back. Mr. Ogg appears in front of them and explains he gave Krang his body back since he likes it better than his walker. Shredder remembers Ogg. Ogg says he also remembers them and explains he brought all the villains together to destroy the Nin

TMNT Saturday Morning Adventures- Usagi Yojimbo One-Shot

 By Mark Rodriguez One thing that seems constant in several versions of the TMNT is the guest appearance of Miyamoto Usagi from Stan Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo series. In the 80's cartoon, Usagi arrived by accident while Donatello was working with his dimensional portal. He only appeared in two episodes with the unresolved story of Donatello eventually finding some way to take him back home. Let's see what happens in this issue.  Also note that the old cartoon didn't seem to read up much on the comic, so they named the character Usagi Yojimbo, which is the title of the series, while in the comic itself the character is named Miyamoto Usagi. The comic kept him as Yojimbo to follow the continuity (such as there is) of the old show. The issue opens in New York with the Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang (which apparently is still operating) is trying to break into a store. Just then Usagi arrives and he tells the men to leave since the neighborhood is under his protection. The men stare

Street Fighter # 100 Chun Li VS Ryu

 By Mark Rodriguez Special thanks to Jack Knives for giving me a copy of this issue. This was originally released as a digital only comic for Free Comic Book Day of the infamous year of 2020. It seems Udon eventually went back to make a physical version, so here we are. The story opens in the Travis Air Force Base in California as Guile goes for a drive. Suddenly some sort of strange vines attack Guile from inside his car.  Elsewhere in the Dorai Orphanage in Hong Kong, Chun Li teaches Kung Fu to her students. Afterwards she gets a letter invitation. One of the kids ask if it's another tournament with the fate of the world at stake. Chun Li says that does tend to happen a lot whenever she gets unexpected invitation, but this time it's an invite to celebrate Ken and Eliza being married for ten years. Chun Li arrives at Gouken's Dojo, where Ryu started his training, and finds it decked out with party decorations, flashing lights and loud music as several Street Fighters enjoy

TMNT Saturday Morning Adventures Continued # 13

 By Mark Rodriguez Mr. Ogg has returned to cause trouble for the Turtles with the Ogg-A-Lympics, a best two-out-of-three contest. If the Turtles lose, Ogg will destroy them. After the Turtles defeated a dragon using dancing to entertain the crowd, Ogg's second challenge is to have the Turtles face other versions of themselves. Mirage Leo, IDW Jennika, 2012 Mikey, 2003 Donatello and Rise Raphael appear as their opponents. What will happen next? "The Good, The Bad, and the Ogg-ly (The Ogglympics Part 2)" opens with Mr. Ogg announcing the Turtles going up against themselves in front of a crowd. Raphael points out that there are five of the other Turtles and asks if they can get Mona Lisa to even the odds. Ogg says they should embrace being the underdog and the first team to get a KO wins. Leonardo points out that if the other Turtles are like them, they will work together. Ogg says if they don't put their all into this, they will be erased from existence. Leonardo tells