Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Avengers-X-Men AXIS # 9

By Mark Rodriguez

After an epic battle against the Red Skull that had control over Xavier's mind, all the heroes and villains involved had their personalities changed from good to evil and vice versa. In the final battle to stop the evil X-Men and Avengers, Steve Rogers has a plan to turn things back to normal. Iron Man sends the new Captain America, Sam Wilson, to finish him off and is surprised to find Steve in an armored version of the Captain America outfit holding onto a weakened Red Skull. What will happen now?

This issue opens with a flashback of Wolverine trying to talk Sabertooth out of killing someone, and how Xavier can help find the good in him. Creed says there is no good in him and kills his victim.

Now in current times, Steve laments how he has to protect his worst enemy, the Red Skull from a kill-crazed Sam Wilson. Steve tries to put up the good fight, but without the super soldier serum, he's aged and Sam is eager to to finish both him and the Red Skull off. Sam says that the first time he feels free from all of Steve's rules and regulations and will do anything to keep that freedom.

As Sam slams his shield down onto the original Cap, he fades away proving to be some sort of psychic trickery from the real Red Skull, getting a head start escape with Steve. The Red Skull seems to feel sorry for his evil deeds and wants to help revert the AXIS effect from before.

Back to the battle, Iron Man tells Kluh and Luke Cage to kill all the fallen heroes. Falcon arrives and tells Iron Man that he was right in suspecting that Steve plans to revert everything back to normal and they head off to stop him.

Sabertooth and Mystique are now in bad shape and know the Avengers are coming to kill them. They remember how they first met and Mystique sends Sabertooth to help the heroes turn things back to normal, even if it means they'll be evil again. Rogue suddenly appears and is ready to kill them both. Sabertooth hacks at her gut, giving Mystique time to run. Rogue slams Sabertooth's face into a wall so hard it even exposes his brain and she's ready to finish him off. Spider-Man webs her up before she can do so.

Havok breaks Wasp out of her prison and tells her they have to stop Steve to ensure their happy future. Wasp notices Carnage's remains and realizes that the others stopped the X-Gene bomb from going off, not him. She fries him with her attack and flies off.

Apocalypse laments that his side has lost and soon the Avengers will kill off the X-Men. Deadpool (or at least his head) tells him that he can fix things by bringing the good inside him out. If they kill the Red Skull everything will stay inversed forever. He reminds him that he's really Evan, not Apocalypse, and he can still bring out his true self and save the world.

Meanwhile on the moon, Loki runs with Thor right behind him, eager to kill him with his sacred axe Jarnbjorn. Loki runs off to where Thor's hammer lays after he had lost the ability to lift it (this must have been before the new female Thor took it). Thor spouts out that he never loved him as a brother, nor did their parents. Loki suddenly leaps in and bashes Thor across the face with his mighty hammer.

Steve and the Red Skull arrive with Nomad and Jarvis, and Steve is in bad shape. Red Skull says he can fix this if he can get Dr. Doom and Dr. Strange. Nomad says Strange disappeared, but they have bigger problems now. Just then Kluh and Iron Man bust in and start attacking everybody. Iron Man chokes Red Skull knowing Xavier can hear him and tells him he will build more Stark Sentinels to wipe out any remaining mutant out there. Falcon bashes Steve to the ground and says he's free from the 'garbage' he taught him. Steve says it's not the ideals that he taught him, it was the ideals his father taught him, which stops Sam.

Kluh lifts Nomad and is ready to break him in half. Apocalypse shows up and socks Kluh out. Steve and his team are confused but decide to take this chance to escape with Red Skull. Luke Cage then busts in through a wall next to the jet they were planning to use to escape. Spider-Man and Sabertooth jump in to attack Luke. Steve and rest try to escape in the jet, but Iron Man raises it and crashes it down. Nomad tries to stop him and is slammed to the ground by Iron Man. He then attacks Steve telling him that he likes the way he is now.

Dr. Doom, Magneto, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Dr. Voodoo all arrive and Magneto tries to kill Iron Man. Red Skull talks Magneto out of it since killing when he saw no other solution was what turned Red Skull into the Red Onslaught in the first place. Magneto recognizes Xavier's idealogy coming from the Red Skull and lets Iron Man live. Scarlet Witch and Dr. Doom cast their spell along with the Red Skull to begin the inversion. Havok arrives to stop them saying that he can't handle knowing what he has done, but Sabertooth stops him.  Dr. Voodoo also holds Iron Man back who also tried to stop this. Doom, Wanda and Red Skull continue with the spell.

Iron Man says he won't go back to how he was before which is why he was prepared for this. He forms a forcefield around him, Havok and Sabertooth to shield them from the huge energy blast caused by Doom, Wanda and the Red Skull.

On the moon, Loki gloats that he is finally more worthy than Thor since he can now lift the hammer. The energy wave hits them and Loki drops the hammer. Thor seems to be back to normal and much to Loki's dismay, he doesn't remember his brother's moment of triumph.

Elsewhere, Wasp tends to Havok and Luke tends to Sabertooth. Luke is ready to pin Creed down, but he tells him he's still one of the good guys due to Iron Man's forcefield, which means that Havok is still evil. Havok grabs onto Wanda and demands she shrinks them both down so they can escape or he'll kill her. Before anyone can do anything, Wanda and Havok shrink and disappear. Magneto tells everyone that Dr. Doom, Iron Man and the Red Skull got away.

The next days news reports are informing people on how the city is rebuilding after the mass chaos that happened. They received a video filmed by Carnage and the other villains saying that they brainwashed the heroes into being evil. Calling themselves the AXIS of Evil, they took the credit for all the chaos. Falcon watches this and tells the others it's the least they can do to make the world trust the Avengers and X-Men again.

Sabertooth writes in his journal how strange it is that he stayed inverted permanently and can only think of doing heroic things now. As he monologues about human nature, we see that Tony Stark is still his evil self, and that Havok returns with Cyclops and the others, without them knowing that he is still evil. Dr. Doom has the Red Skull imprisoned with a device that blocks his mental powers.The Avengers and the X-Men now stand together to make sure they never to fight again (we'll see how long that lasts....) and Peter Parker is working on making the Carnage memorial statue he promised. Sabertooth concludes his journal saying he knew Wolverine was thought of a monster but he pushed through it to become a hero, and now he wants to do the same.

My Opinions-

And so we've reached the grand finale, and I have to say, what a rush! The only thing that got a bit silly and repetitive was that near the end, it seemed every page ended with someone randomly busting in or saying something off panel making you wonder who's coming. It's like they're trying to work on the spell, off-panel 'wait!!!' and we see someone come in. They get held down, then off panel 'not so fast!!!' and we turn the page to see who said that. Then they're trying to finish the spell again and 'noooooo!!!!!' off panel, again making us turn the page to see who said that. It was cool once or twice but after a while it just got silly.

But anyway, as dangerous as the Marvel villains are, this series showed just how dangerous the Avengers and X-Men are to the world if they did turn evil. While the story ended there are still some heavy consequences, mostly with Iron Man and Havok. While Iron Man wasn't too surprising (I mean, it would suck to cancel the new Superior Iron Man comic after 3 issues), having Havok return to the others pretending to be 'all good now' only to secretly be a bad guy... yeah, that can't be good. Especially if Cyclops would most likely defend him to the ends of the Earth if anyone accuses him of anything fishy.

I do have to say, the inversion really did a number on everybody. The heroes were so evil, they had less qualms about outright killing their enemies than the villains do, and they fought tooth and nail to stay as their evil selves. On the other hand, the villains were heroic enough to do their part to restore order even if now they felt remorse for their past evil deeds and knew they would turn back into monsters if their plan worked.

One thing that didn't make sense to me was Wasp attacking the heroes after she discovered that they stopped the Gene Bomb from going off. After she found out that Carnage stopped a bomb that would have killed her instead of Havok and blasted the hell out of him, I figured she was gonna start helping the good guys. Instead she was still helping Luke and Falcon attack the others and trying to stop them from reversing the process.

It's good to see Falcon as a good guy again though. Again, I don't want him to be remembered as the 'asshole Captain America' since he spent most of his time in the uniform as a brainwashed jerk. Sabertooth as a good guy will be interesting, but what happened to his healing factor? He looked pretty messed up during most of this issue and you would assume he would heal up between panels.

One thing I can point out, looking back after reading Astonishing X-Men, is the hypocrisy of the X-Men and Avengers treating Havok like crap after he did some evil things while still under the influence of the AXIS until he turned good again. Like they completely forgot about them trying to eradicate all of humanity with a X-Gene Bomb and I wish Havok threw that back in their faces.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Avengers-X-Men AXIS # 8

By Mark Rodriguez

Due to fighting the Red Skull with the mind of Professor Xavier, all the heroes and villains in the area were mentally affected, their alignment of being either good or evil being changed. The Avengers want to rule the world while the X-Men, now led by Apocalypse, want to eradicate the human race to make room for mutantkind. The X-Gene bomb has been set and it's ticking to its final seconds. What will happen now?

The issue opens with Spider-Man trying to defuse the bomb while everyone else is fighting. When trying to crack the code fails, he tries to just rip out the wires instead. Carnage shows up and tells him that brute force won't do any good against a bomb. Spidey suggests they both web it up, but Carnage suggests to cover the entire bomb with himself. Spider-Man tells him this will kill him, but Carnage says the world is better off without him anyway. He makes Spidey promise to make a memorial of him and the webhead leaves before the bomb explodes.

Apocalypse is still holding Deadpool's head as the other X-Men wonder why the bomb didn't go off. They wonder what could have stopped it and Spider-Man angrily leaps in and attacks them all. Apocalypse grabs Spidey and throw him into a wall. Thor suddenly leaps in and slams his axe into Apocalypse. The rest of the Avengers show up and start to fight against the X-Men.

Thor continues to hack at Apocalype and Loki wants Enchantress to help stop him. Enchantress heals Loki with a kiss, and the God of Mischief wants more, but she remind him that once everything is undone she'll be back to being her evil self. Absorbing Man grabs Thor's axe and turns metallic, punching the Asgardian down. Thor sends him flying with a punch, but then Cyclops and Havok blast him with their powers. Hobgoblin flies past and grabs Cyclops and Thor tosses Havok into both of them.

Loki taunts Thor on how he's unworthy of the hammer and of what he has become. Thor seemingly kills Loki with his axe. Enchantress tries to make Thor see the evil in his actions, but he is still determined to kill Loki anyways. Loki and Enchantress escape in a portal, coaxing Thor into following them, which he does.

Captain America (the original aged Steve Rogers) and his son watch the madness unfold, and Steve says he has a back up plan that might set things right. Jarvis arrives, showing that he is alright.

Meanwhile, Kluh and Medusa are attacking Rogue until Apocalypse steps up to take them down. Xavier suddenly appears and tries to make Evan (Apocalypse) see what he's done, and he blasts him, already knowing it was Mystique in disguise. He prepares to kill her, but then Absorbing Man slams his steel ball and chain right across his face.

In Latveria, Wanda continues to boast, happy to know she is not really Magneto's daughter. She plans to make the world suffer as she has, and Magneto and Quicksilver (since when did he start wearing a Scouter?) try to talk her out of it. Just then Dr. Doom appears through a portal with two others that prepare to take her down. Doom tells Magneto that he made a demonic deal to bring back Doctor Voodoo and his brother Daniel, who is currently possessing the Scarlet Witch and trying to contain her madness. Voodoo says they will be needing her soon.

Steve, his son and Jarvis watch as Spider-Man and the Absorbing Man try their best to take down both the evil X-Men and the evil Avengers. Iron Man interrupts the fight between Havok and CapFalcon to tell him that he intercepted a signal from Steve. They now know the X-Men never had the Red Skull all along and that Jarvis must have used cloaking technology to trick them into thinking he was gone. Iron Man and CapFalcon fly off but Storm blasts them down. Iron Man chooses to keep Storm busy while Falcon goes to kill Steve Rogers.

Falcon arrives to see Steve Rogers in a more armorized version of the classic Captain America version holding onto a weakened Red Skull. The aging Steve Rogers tells him to stay out of his way or he can't guarantee his safety.....

My opinions-

We're getting close to the end and I wonder how they're gonna resolve this all in one issue. You get the heavy hitters like Thor, Kluh, Absorbing Man and Even-Apocalypse just go nuts on each other. Then of all the characters to sacrifice themselves to save the city from the bomb, Carnage was the one to do this. The heroes seem lost to their own evil influence, but Carnage is aware enough to understand he was a crazed killer before all this and the world is better off without him. Enchantress also seems to know when all is said and done she'll go back to being evil again.

As for the last page.... oh man, Steve Rogers still wants to step up as the Captain one more time... I'm really worried about how this will go down. Despite being old, he still has some of his fighting skill, and he's fully armored up, but he is still a fragile old man.... and this brainwashed Falcon is crazy enough and cold hearted enough to not hold back and just rip that armor off him...So Steve has quite a fight on his hands...

As for Wanda and such, it seems it's all coming together for Cap and his plan. Seems he wants to use the Red Skull and Wanda to somehow undo all that was caused during the AXIS, but again.. we'll see if they can pull it off.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Avengers-X-Men AXIS # 7

By Mark Rodriguez

The Marvel universe has gone crazy due to an epic battle against the Red Skull that had taken the form of Onslaught. Most of the heroes and villains involved during this battle had their personalities and alignments switched. Villains like Carnage and Hobgoblin are now heroes, the Avengers want to rule the world and the X-Men want to eradicate the humans to make room for the mutants. Several heroes like Spider-Man and Steve Rogers have gathered together with the reformed villains, and Sabertooth tells the group that the X-Men are developing an Gene bomb that will wipe out humanity if they don't stop it. What's gonna happen?

The issue opens with the Summers brothers watching the Wasp, locked up in a cell. Havok talks about how much he loves her and asks Cyclops if the X-Gene bomb could spare at least one human, and Cyclops says 'it doesn't work that way'. Havok asks if he would allow his wife to die and Cyclops said he would if it meant for his people to live. Nightcrawler warps into the scene and tells the brothers that Steve Rogers has assembled an army. This army turns out to be the reformed villains, calling themselves Avengers now... and the X-Men are more than eager to take them down.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man and Deadpool are staking out Apocalypse, and rather than being stealthy, the Merc with the Mouth decides take him head on. Spider-Man tries to defuse the Gene Bomb while Deadpool distracts Apocalypse, but he is quickly taken down. Now the villain focuses his attention on the web-slinger as Deadpool tries to hold the huge mutant back. He punches Spidey through the wall and leaps after him with Deadpool still clinging onto him as they join the rest of the fighting outside.

Nightcrawler warps into the scene and flings Spider-Man into a wall with his tail. Before he can stab him with his sword, Carnage swoops him and kicks Nightcrawler off him. Sabertooth leaps at Havok and slashes his face saying that Wolverine was right about the Summers always screwing things up for the rest of the mutants. Storm blasts him back with lightning and says the time for them giving mercy on their enemies is over. As the fights continue, Deadpool keeps singing about love and peace. Apocalypse punches him into the ground.

Meanwhile in Latveria, the Scarlet Witch continues her attack against Dr. Doom, Magneto and Quicksilver. Pietro tries to reason with her but Wanda wants to use her powers to end her bloodline. Her attack completely drops Quicksilver... but Magneto is unaffected. Wanda is surprised and realized that this proves that there was no real blood relation between Magneto and the Maximoffs. Magneto asks about attacking her own brother Pietro, and she comments this was all his doing for getting him involved in the Brotherhood and trying to set him into the same dark path he was in. Dr. Doom escapes and Wanda says she will destroy Latveria in his absence.

Iron Man calls Captain Falcon America to San Francisco and updates him on the current fight between the X-Men and the super villains. Kluh is now with them and they all agree that they're better off with the X-Men dead.

Back to the battle, Deadpool is trying to snap Genesis out of his Apocalypse form. Deadpool tells him that Evan gave them hope and as Genesis, he thought he was better than this. Apocalypse beats Deadpool bloody and yanks his head off declaring that he is better than humans and soon their time will end as the bomb starts counting down to one second.

My opinions

The story starts heating up as now we have the X-Men preparing to nuke non-mutantkind with their X-Gene Bomb.... which is ..... the kind of thing they're usually fighting against from other super villains. Geez. The Avengers have become tyrants, but the X-Men have become downright genocidal.

Guess we needed to buy that Nova comic to see his battle against Kluh. No thanks. But Kluh must have won since he's right back with the Avengers without a scratch on him.

A new plot thread opens up as now we have the possibility of Magneto NOT being Pietro and Wanda's father. Oh come on now you guys. If anything combines the X-Men and the Avengers into the same universe, is the fact that two Avengers, the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, are actually the children of the Master of Magnetism, greatest enemy of the X-Men. It's the main reason the Maximoffs keep bouncing back and forth between joining the Avengers, the Brotherhood and the X-Men, mostly due to the Scarlet Witch always freaking out and going insane.

While it does raise interesting questions, mostly why Magneto adopted these kids if they aren't indeed his kids, or why he was the impression that they were his kids or whatever, it just feels way too late in the game to suddenly declare Magneto isn't their father, especially with all they've done throughout the years. I assume you have to get Magneto's new series to see how all of this is going to go down.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Avengers-X-Men AXIS # 6

By Mark Rodriguez

The Red Skull used Xavier's mind to spread hate across the world. Magneto saw it fit to kill him, but instead of dying he was turned into Onslaught. In the epic battle to take him down, Rogue discovered that Xavier still existed within Red Skull's mind. While trying to make Xavier's personality dominate Red Skull's mind, everyone involved got their basic alignments switched. Now evil, Captain Falcon America is paranoid that someone helped the Red Skull escaped their clutches, and he captured all the Avengers, except Spider-Man and Nova that escaped. Magneto and Steve Rogers tell them that the X-Men are also evil, now bent on wiping out humanity with Apocalypse leading the charge. Meanwhile Kluh, the evil version of the Hulk, is calling out the heroes, and Nova took his challenge. Let's see what happens next.

The issue begins with Apocalypse spreading his message, warning humans to leave Manhattan for the mutants or they will be slaughtered. Apocalypse also reveals that the X-Men are working on a massive Gene Bomb. Jean arrives and tells them that Mystique wants to reason with them. They decide to send Nightcrawler and Rogue to deal with her.

Mystique tells her 'children' that what they're doing will ruin the peace that Xavier once wanted. Nightcrawler slices her across the cheek and Rogue grabs her and flies off with her saying they are done with peace. Rogue says that they will deal with humans the same way humans have dealt with them, and then she drops her adopted mother.

Suddenly Sabertooth of all people arrives to catch Mystique. They avoid Rogue as she swoops in to attack. Nightcrawler warps in to attack, but Creed kicks him into Rogue. Sabertooth and Mystique escape in the sewers which lead to the Morlock tunnels.

Tony Stark is throwing a party and is happy to see that everyone is paying the hundred-dollar-a-day price tag for their Extremis App to keep them looking perfect and beautiful. Some people even set their payments to automatic. This is straight out of the Superior Iron Man comics, but yeah, the basic idea was that Tony's app to make you look perfect only lasted a week for free and now people have to pay a 99.99 a DAY to keep using it. Daredevil arrives and tells Tony that he's been busy fighting off the crimewave caused by people doing anything just to get their hands on the app (remember, not everyone can afford an iPhone or a Droid).

Tony says great products become so popular that lesser people resort to crime to get it, like anyone would for a nice car or plasma tv. Daredevil attacks him, but he sends his Superior Iron Man suit after him. As Daredevil dodges the armor and attacks it, Tony runs up to him, now faster and stronger, and tosses him off the top of his skyscraper.

Dr. Doom is addressing his nation of Latveria, stopping his dictatorial ways and ready to run it like a democracy. Scarlet Witch appears to take him and his country down, wanting revenge for being manipulated by him. Doom actually jumps in the way to protect his people from her attacks and is taken down. Before Wanda can finish him off, he vanishes in a blur. Quicksilver takes Doom over to Magneto. Magneto says if she had killed him, she would never recover. Just then Wanda arrives and uses her powers on all three.

Thor is drinking and gambling at a Vegas casino and Loki arrives to taunt him. He says the people are letting him win due to his huge axe lying on the table. Loki asks where he got the money for such heavy gambling and Thor points out that he stole it from the casino safe. Loki mentions Mjolnir and he says he left it on the moon and is glad to be unworthy of it. Loki tries to take him home, but Thor punches him away. Thor grabs his axe and Loki tells him he's trying to help steer him to the right side, like he has always tried to do for him. Thor tackles him, as both go flying out of the casino. Thor smacks him around but Loki said he won't fight him.

Spider-Man webs Loki and pulls him out of harm's way as they fly off in a plane. Thor just turns and heads back into the casino. Back to the Avengers Mansion, Loki demands to know what's going on. Spider-Man explains recent events and Loki asks if they're the only ones left to take on the Avengers AND the X-Men. Steve Rogers tells him that they've gathered all the villains that helped fight on Genosha (Enchantress, Carnage, Absorbing Man and others) to help them win the fight. Sabertooth tells the gang that he infiltrated the X-Men base and discovered the Gene Bomb that will wipe out anyone that doesn't have an X gene... and they have an hour to stop it.

My Opinions-

The story continues to get more and more complicated as the X-Men now plan to flat out wipe out humanity. I do have to say, the Avengers does have some pretty notable heroes, but it seems the X-Men are the ones with the real intense super powers that cause the most destruction. It was cool to see more of the Superior Iron Man and the scene between Thor and Loki was a real role reversal. Thor mentions he left his hammer behind on the moon, which is where the new female Thor found it.

 The jump from free Extremis App to now it costing 100 bucks a day, as well as Daredevil stopping the wave of madness this caused.... it is kinda jarring if you haven't read Superior Iron Man # 1. I was interested in it so I did buy it, but it sucks for those that didn't. And what about the fight between Kluh and Nova? It wasn't even mentioned in this issue. Please don't tell me I have to buy either Hulk's series or Nova's series.... or even both just to see how that went down.

I do have to say, between Rogue trying to drop Mystique to her death. Scarlet Witch trying to kill Doom, Magneto and Quicksilver, and Tony tossing Daredevil off a building, these heroes sure have become so damned murderous. I'm at least glad the bad guys (even though they're good now) are still involved cause hey, they don't just vanish the moment the heroes start fighting each other. We'll have to see how all of this goes down.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Avengers-X-Men AXIS # 5

By Mark Rodriguez

The Red Skull used Xavier's mind to spread hate across the Marvel Universe. After a huge battle, the Red Skull is defeated, but he showed signs of Xavier's consciousness which led to the X-Men and Avengers to argue over who gets custody of him. The Avengers take him and prepare for retaliation from the X-Men. Captain America (Falcon) decides to flat out kill Red Skull. Seeing the Avengers acting this way made Hulk sad that unleashed a stronger more evil sadistic form called Kluh who escapes. The Avengers also find out that the Red Skull has escaped....

The issue opens with Spider-Man meeting up with the younger newer Nova as they both attend an 'All Avengers get here now!!!' kind of meeting. Nova is excited to be a part of this and Spider-Man shows him around the huge gathering of super heroes. He pokes fun of Hawkeye's costume and he jabs back. Spidey says it's costume envy since his outfit is timeless but Hawkeye changes his every few years. Susan Storm wants to know who called this meeting, and Sam Wilson announces that he declared the meeting.

Sam Wilson tells everyone that the Red Skull escaped, and whoever did it has Avengers-level clearance and was able to delete the security footage afterwards.... therefore, he says one of THEM must be responsible. Spider-Man senses something wrong. Falcon says he considers everyone a liability and warps them all to Ant Man's subatomic ant farm, but Spider-Man shoves Nova out the window and escapes with him before they get affected too.

Medusa grabs onto Nova and threatens to snap him in half. Spider-Man saves him and tosses a web onto Nova's leg so he can blast off with him. Nova asks Spider-Man what to do, but the veteran web-slinger is confused out of his mind about what just happened. Falcon tosses his shield into Nova sending him into a building. He demands to know where 'Spider-Man is hiding the Red Skull' or he'll snap his neck. Spidey says that's probably the most un-Captain America thing for him to say and the shield boomerangs back into Sam's face, sending him down. The Scarlet Witch soon arrives, but Magneto grabs Spider-Man and Nova and keeps them safe.

Scarlet returns and tells the others that Sam let Spider-Man and Nova get away. Luke Cage says they drained Wasp of her Pym particles and might use them to also round up the X-Men and Medusa angrily cuts him off before he says the Inhumans are also targets. Scarlet Witch announces she is done working with them. She flies off tells them to stay out of her way as she goes to seek her vengeance.

At the Avenger's mansion, Spider-Man flips out at everything that happened and is surprised to see Magneto working alongside the aged Steve Rogers and his son Nomad. Magneto tells them that the X-Men have also gone insane. Rogers explains that when Dr. Doom and Scarlet Witch discovered that Xavier existed within the Red Onslaught, they tried to reverse their personalities so that Xavier would be the dominant personality. However, it also switched everyone's general alignment on the island, so good guys are bad guys and bad guys and good guys.

But it gets even worse as in Hulk's case, his evil side is a lot more visible. Kluh is on the news in a city-wide rampage and he's calling out any hero to come and stop him or he'll kill everyone. Nova suddenly appears and challenges him, surprising the other heroes because he was with them just a second ago. Just then an alarm sounds off and they all exit to see what is causing it. A giant A-shaped building is flying towards them with Apocalypse leading the X-Men into battle. They decide to attack the Avengers down now while they are divided, and they have the Red Skull.

Falcon monologues as Wasp is restrained, her Pym particles being drained by a device. He says the world needs order and shrinking everyone that gets in his way is more humane than outright killing them. He says the world demands a tyrant, and he is the best choice. The X-Men step in announcing that they will be taking over. Havok is furious to see his wife restrained and sends Falcon flying back with his energy attacks. Cyclops tells Nightcrawler to get the Red Skull and he warps away. Falcon says he's locked tight and he threatens to blow up his holding cell if they don't leave. Nightcrawler returns and announces the Red Skull isn't there and says they'll move on to the next order or business, killing off the Avengers.

Cap dodges a lighting bolt from Storm and tries to punch her, hitting Rogue instead, who is basically solid as a rock. Rogue kicks him away and then lifts a huge desk and slams it down on him. Apocalypse grabs him by the throat and tells him to tell all humans to leave Manhattan since it will belong to the mutants now. Cap asks why and Apocalypse tells him that the city is important to them, so they will take anything that's ever mattered to them. He says any humans remaining after three hours will be slaughtered. He also says the Apocalypse is coming and socks Cap out.

My Opinions

What an issue. It started out a bit light-hearted with Spider-Man's usual sense of humor as he kinda/sorta shows Nova the ropes. But then all hell soon breaks loose as these darker more sinister Avengers quickly go against everyone else. I'm glad Steve finally explained what was going on, but wow. The dark Avengers still feel they're doing what's right but with a more brutal remorseless attitude, and the dark X-Men flat out want human extinction in return for all the years of oppression they faced.

Genesis went all-out Apocalypse now. Kluh is eager to cause some damage to anyone he sees, while the regular Hulk only causes mass destruction if people start messing with him and shooting at him and so forth. It's all just going crazytown banana pants. Of course, the real question is... where is the Red Skull? Everyone seems to think that everyone else has him... but where is he really?

Now my real question is... if the good guys are bad guys and vice versa... wouldn't this turn Cyclops into a better person instead of being the maniac he currently is? Wouldn't this make him the error of his ways?

We've seen the Marvel heroes fight each other before, at least this time the villains also get involved, even if they're good guys now.