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NXT Dusty Rhodes Womens Tag Team Classic 1/20/2021 and 1/22/2021 (Round 1 Matches)

 By Mark Rodriguez

Since AEW became a thing I pretty much left WWE behind as I got sick of them and the direction they were going back then. I knew eventually I would come back, especially if they ever made another Mae Young Classic or Evolution 2. Well, as time went on some of the indie darlings I've been following on Rise Women's Wrestling and elsewhere have made it to NXT or AEW. For NXT I've seen Chelsea Greene and Shotiz Blackheart make the jump and for AEW I see Big Swole and Britt Baker over there. Now that NXT released the first ever Dusty Rhodes Womens Tag Team Classic as well as recently signing Priscilla Kelly and Elayna Black (as Gigi Dolin and Cora Jade), let's check it out.

Since these matches also take place alongside the regular guy matches, there seems to be two a week, one on NXT and the other on 205 Live. I'm not sure if the main event will be featured either on NXT or as part of a PPV like the Finals of the last Mae Young Classic a few years back.

Match 1- Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter VS Toni Storm and Mercedes Martinez

NXT Live- Wednesday 1/20/2021

Kayden and Storm start things off grappling for control of each other. Kayden tries to knock down Storm with a shoulder-tackle and she doesn't even budge. Kayden knocks her down but Storm gets back and up and knocks her down with her own shoulder tackle. Storm hits her with a dropkick and goes for a pin. Kayden kicks out and Storm tags in Mercedes who hits her with a Sidewalk Slam. Storm and Mercedes hit Kayden with elbow drops before Mercedes is left to take over.

Mercedes tries to keep Kayden away from from her partner but she does manage to tag Kacy in. Mercedes runs at them and is tripped face-first into the ropes. Both Kacy and Kayden kick her in the face. Kacy rolls off the ropes and hits Mercedes with a splash and tries for a pin. Mercedes kicks out and knocks Kacy down with a single chop. Mercedes keeps picking Kacy back up only to sock her back down. She gets her in a chin lock hold while she drives her knee in the back of her head. Kacy tries to punch her ribs to get out of it and Mercedes slams the back of her head against the mat. Kacy runs at Mercedes and is caught and gets spun around before she's planted into the mat with a power slam. Mercedes goes for the pin for Kayden breaks it up. 

After the ad break, Toni is on the ropes and Kayden runs at her, shoving her foot in her face. Kayden jumps off the ropes and kicks Toni down and goes for a pin but Mercedes breaks it up before Kacy can stop her. Kacy does an instaguri to the side of Mercedes' face to send her out of the ring. She then jumps off the ropes and lands on her, taking her out of the match. 

Kayden gets up first but walks right into Storm's headbutt, followed by a German Suplex. Toni Storm manages to get Kayden Carter into the Single Leg Crab, hoping to make her tap. Kayden is too far from her partner to tag out. Suddenly Io Shirai, the current NXT Womens Champ appear and throws Mercedes Martinez against the announcement table. Toni breaks the hold to see what happened to her partner. 

Toni returns to her opponent and is tripped off her feet. Kayden gets up and tags Kacy in and gets Toni trapped in a leglock. With Toni trapped, Kacy leaps off the rope with a 450 Splash and goes for the pin. Kayden Carter and Kacy Cantanzaro advance to Round 2 of the Dusty Tag Team Classic!

Match 2- Gigi Dolin and Cora Jade VS Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell

205 Live Friday, 1/22/2021

Indi and Cora start things off, Indi using her height difference to slam Cora facedown onto the mat. Cora delivers some elbows to the stomach until Indi smacks her back against the ropes. Indi runs towards her but Cora rolls out of the way to tag Gigi in, as Indi hits her elbow on the turnpost. Gigi runs in and hits Indi with a Punt Kick, and Cora nails her with her own Punt Kick before leaving the ring.

Gigi grabs Indi and knocks her back with a forearm. Indi manages to knock Gigi down with her own forearm and drags her over as she tags Candice in. Candice takes her time kicking and stomping Gigi, but when she tries a legdrop, Gigi gets out of the way. Gigi drives Candice towards her corner and tags Cora in. Gigi holds Candice into place as Cora runs into her and does a jumping knee to her face. 

Cora tosses Candice to the mat and runs towards the ropes, pausing upon seeing Indi there. Candice takes this chance to shoulder tackle her down and go for a pin but Cora kicks out. Candice angrily attacks Cora and gets her in a chinlock. Candice flings her against the ropes and runs at her with an elbow. She then tags Indi in who also hits with her with a running elbow and tries to go for a pin. Cora kicks out and Indi tries to get her into a headlock. Cora punches her way out of it and runs for the ropes, but as she bounces back she is caught and slammed by Indi in a Sidewalk Slam.

Candice goes for another submission move but Cora fights her way out. Cora stumbles over to the wrong corner, but is quick to get out of the way so Candice runs into the post. As Cora tries to get to her partner, Candice grabs her leg to try to do another hold, but Cora kicks her off and finally tags in Gigi. Gigi runs in and punches and kicks the heck out of Indi. She runs towards the ropes and knocks Candice away before getting ready to knock Indi back with a Punt Kick to the face. Gigi goes for the pin but Indi kicks out.

Gigi brings Indi over to her corner and tags Cora in. Both women try to suplex Indi but instead she breaks free and kicks Cora off her. She then grabs Gigi in a vertical suplex and brings her crashing down. Candice is tagged in and Cora goes for several roll up attempts and a crucifix pin but is unable to get the win. Candice goes for her own pin attempt but Cora kicks her back, which allows her to tag Indi back in. Indi kicks Cora and picks her up for a power slam and scores the win. Candice and Indi advance to round two of the Dusty Tag Team Tournament. 

My Opinions- 

It surprised most fans to see the team of Toni and Mercedes taken down in the first match of the Tag Team Classic. It was a pretty decent match and damn, I still can't get over Mercedes knocking Kacy down with a single chop and how she rolled around in pain afterwards. Those chops are brutal. I'm not following NXT so I assume there's beef between Io and Mercedes but I was very surprised since most of the time these tournaments very, if ever, have any outside interference. I'm glad they didn't go with the overused (Toni is so distracted that Kayden gets her with a roll-up) finish that usually happens when outside interference happens, because I really love that awesome combined finisher that Kayden and Kacy came up with. Let's see how far these two can go, and I assume Mercedes will be going after Io after this one. 

OK for the 205 Live, I'll admit I'm showing personal bias here but, I just LOVE how Cora and Gigi combined their very particular intros together like that. Nice to see Gigi with the rose and Cora with the coffin and still being called 'The Sorceress of Sin'. 

I was also surprised their match basically opened the show as well. It was a pretty decent showing for the two, though poor Cora took most of the beating of this one. Since Gigi was already seen at the Mae Young Classic years ago as PK, I'm thinking this is the Cora's first big debut for non-indie wrestling fans. They both got some nasty kicks in as they mostly tried to tackle the powerhouse Indi, but I think they left a larger impression with their characters and style. I was a bit confused why Cora just froze and paused when she almost hit Indi. I mean, people knock out the opposing tag partners all the time and Gigi had no problem knocking Candice out later in the same match. Unless they were implying Cora was a intimidated by her?

 I was hoping they would win and advance to Round 2, but I assume they have to earn their bumps along the way as they will hopefully build themselves up as top stars in NXT. Naturally, I'll be staying tuned for future matches of these two in later NXT episodes. Maybe I'll add a few in as extras for as long as this tournament lasts.

With the debut of Gigi and Cora as well as the surprise loss of Toni Storm and Mercedes Martinez, it's still too early to see who will this Tag Team Tournament. Stay tuned as I keep you posted. 

Friday, January 22, 2021

AEW Dark- 1/19/2021 Review (Women Matches)

 By Mark Rodriguez

Let's take a look at this week's AEW Women's matches, though it looks like this time we only got 3 matches to cover. There's also a bit of news regarding Priscilla Kelly and Elayna Black being signed with NXT that I will bring up at the end of this.

Match 1- Marti Daniels VS Shanna

Both woman grapple and in a test of strength, Marti shoves Shanna across the ring. Marti tries to take Shanna down with a Big Boot, but the Dragon Slayer rolls out of the way and does a dropkick to send her down. Shanna bounces off the ropes and hits Marti with a back-elbow and goes for a crucifix pin, but her opponent kicks out. With Marti down, Shanna runs over and does an elbow drop and a legdrop on her. Shanna tries to get her in a hold but Marti gets out of it. The Tall Glass of Whoopass sends Shanna bouncing against the ropes and this time she does manage to hit her with the Big Boot. 

Shanna is down but Marti is too busy making fun of the (small) crowd booing her. She grabs Shanna and flings across the ring like she's nothing. Mari kicks her around some and then grabs her by the hair taunting her. This gives Shanna an extra burst of anger to fire back with some forearms and a spinkick to the face. Shanna hits her with several running elbows until she finally knocks her down. Marti gets back up and tries to grab her and Shanna hits her with a Stunner. With Marti hanging on the ropes, Shanna does the Genki Dama pose (should I tag her matches under Dragonball Z?) and hits her with a running dropkick to the face.

Shanna grabs Marti in a Dragon Suplex but wasn't able to get her shoulders down to pin her correctly. Marti tries to get away. Shanna grabs her and does the Dragon Suplex again and this time gets the win.

Match 2- Big Swole VS Alex Gracia

Both women start to grapple, no one really gaining any advantage over the other. As they let go, Swole knocks Ales down with a shoulder tackle. Swole runs back and forth, ducking under Alex's attempted swing and knocks her down with another shoulder tackle. Alex finally manages to nail a few elbows to Swole's face, leaving her hanging on the ropes. Alex takes this chance to run an deliver a 619 across the face. 

With Swole down, Alex now targets one of her arms, slamming it across the mat, standing on it and doing a legdrop on it. Alex gets her in a wristlock but Swole delivers a few shots to the ribs to get out of it. Swole runs towards Alex but misses and hits the turnbuckle. Alex takes this chance to do a running elbow into her. Swole starts delivering rights and lefts and Alex tries to withstand them, trying to her grab her in a hold. Swole avoids it and hits her with a Punt Kick to the face that knocks her down.

Swole nurses her arm and runs back into the fight, knocking down Alex twice before going in with more forearms. Alex ducks under her high kick, jumps to avoid her low kick but still gets clocked by Swole's headbutt. Swole then does a spinning lariat and knocks Alex out, giving Swole the win.

Match 3- Ivelisse & Diamant√© vs. Tesha Price & Katalina Perez

Diamante and Tesha start the match, exchanging shots and arm drags. Tesha tags Katalina and they both grab Diamante to suplex her. Katalina goes for a pin, when that fails she hits Diamante with some elbow drops. Diamante manages to grab Katalina's legs and propel her face-first into the turnbuckle, allowing her tie to tag in Ivelisse. Ivelisse kicks Katalina across the back and DDT slams her, going for a pin. Ivelisse grabs Katalina in a vertical suplex and doesn't let go, getting her into a front guillotine hold. Kataline tries to fight against the hold and reverses it into a pin, but Ivelisse kicks out.

Ivelisse tags Diamante in and they both take shots at Katalina. Diamante grabs her in a choke hold. As Katalina breaks out, both women exchange shots until Kataline kicks Diamante down and follows up with a running shoulder tackle. Both women are down and they manage to roll over to tag in their partners. Tesha wastes no time in knocking Ivelisse over with running clotheslines. 

Tesha does a running elbow to knock Diamante away and then does a Cartwheel Kick to Ivelisse while she's on the ropes. Tesha slams Ivelisse face-first into the mat with a Bulldog and goes for a pin. Ivelisse kicks out at two and then shoves Tesha backwards near Diamante. Tesha however, back-elbows Diamante's face and then bounces back to knock Ivelisse down with a shotgun dropkick. Tesha tags Katalina and kicks Ivelisse in the face. Katalina follows with a swinging neckbreaker and went for a pin but Diamante breaks it up. Diamante grabs Tesha and throws her out of the ring. She follows after her and continues the fight. Meanwhile Ivelisse delivers a kick to Katalina's face and scores the pin to win the match.

My Opinions-

The Marti/Shanna match was aight, but that could be my Dragonball bias. Shanna still has ways to go. I'm not sure what she was doing when she walked over, hesitated and then did the elbow drop, maybe missed timing? And it was clear she was supposed to nail the Dragon Suplex perfectly the first time. Still, she's a lot of fun and I hope to see her in an AEW PPV eventually. Marti has a good look to her, (she reminds me a bit of Rhea Ripley) but it seems she's just the punching bag for these matches. I'd like to see her be dominant and take someone down. We don't get to see much of what she can do in terms of moves. 

The Swole/Alex match was pretty good and fast paced. I kinda figured Swole would win this, but Alex did manage to deliver a lot of offense and for a moment there I thought she was going to win instead. Pretty good showing for both women. While it was mentioned that Swole was training under Dean Malenko to learn how to use the Texas Cloverleaf, she didn't get to use it in this match. We'll have to wait and see if she adds that move to her arsenal in future matches.

Ivelisse and Diamante are always fun to watch, but wow Tesha was really on fire when she was tagged in neat the end. If Katalina wasn't so worn down, it really looked like they could have won. Not taking away from Ivelisse and Diamante, but we've seen them both take care of business several times, I'm thinking Tesha put on a good enough showing near the end to continue to propel her forward in future matches.

On other things, it seems Shanna's current winning streak had earned her the right to face off against Dr. Britt Baker on AEW Dynamite, which is should be pretty awesome. Let's hope she can knock down Britt a peg or two.

As for other news referring to Priscilla Kelly and Elayna Black, both have been scooped up by NXT and will enter the first Female Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. The tournament matches will be featured during NXT and 205 Live.

Priscilla Kelly will be now known as Gigi Dolin, even though she was already in the Mae Young Classic before as PK. 

Elayna Black will be renamed Cora Jade and is sporting new gold gear. It seems she and Joey Janela were having kayfabe beef over Twitter (which a lot of us couldn't tell if it was real or not) which would have led to a match at an indie event called Fight Forever by Game Changer Wrestling. That match has been cancelled, but it would have been her last indie match.

Elayna Black and PK will make their in-ring debut as Cora Jade and Gigi Dolin on 205 Live as a tag team facing Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae. NXT also signed Lacey Ryan who will be now perform as Zoey Stark. She'll team up with Marina Shafir and will take on the team of Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon. I'll be covering these matches as well as an upcoming AEW Women's Tournament in upcoming articles.

Monday, January 18, 2021

Next Dragonball Super arc (after Moro) revealed!!

By Mark Rodriguez. 

The Moro arc has come to an end and the time has come for the next big arc in the series. So what can follow up the threat that Moro posed? We'll have to find out.

The next arc is called 'Granolah the Survivor' and it begins in the heels of the Moro arc wrapping things up. As the Galactic Patrol round up Moro's soldiers they can't find Seven-Three, a villain with the ability to copy people's powers. It turns out his head was now being used by another villain named Goichi to create and sent of OG soldiers. 

Enter Granolah, the arc's main character, and he blasts his way through the soldiers until he finds the original Seven-Three, but to what end? It turns out Granolah and his buddy Oatmeal are Cerealians that managed to survive an attack on their planet led by none other than Bardock, Goku's father. He currently still has nightmares of his Ohzaru form.

Since so many years have passed, Granolah assumes both Freeza and the Saiyan race are dead, also believing a meteor destroyed planet Vegeta. It remains to be seen how Granolah will react upon discovering that Freeza is alive and that several Saiyans have survived, including Goku who is, of course, the spitting image of his father.

The story is still just beginning, but it looks like we're in for another wild saga that will either continue to postpone the End of Z tournament or just replace it. I have to say it's getting ridiculous just how many adventures the crew can have in the years between the Buu saga and End of Z. It's a miracle Goku and the gang didn't spend the 3 years they prepared to fight the Androids stopping other threats every other week. It looks like Goku and Vegeta are training with Beerus and Whis at the beginning of this arc so not much time has passed after the Moro arc, so it doesn't look like they'd be returning to the Tenkaichi Budokai anytime soon.

It is interesting to see Bardock mentioned again, at least in flashback. This will be the chance for Goku to learn a little about his family other than Raditz. The most we ever got was Freeza commenting that Goku looked a lot like Bardock but he was pretty much taking to himself. Goku will have to be reminded that the Saiyans were not only a warrior race but were also cold and bloodthirsty. That should be interesting. Another question is just how many more transformations Goku and Vegeta will go through to defeat this new upcoming threat, who we can assume will be more powerful than anything that came before.

Either way it looks like we're still a ways off before we ever get to End of Z. 

Stay tuned as more details develop. 

AEW Dark- 1/5/2021 Review (Women Matches)

 By Mark Rodriguez

Let's take a look at the latest episode of AEW Dark. It looks like we're gonna be seeing Tay Conti and Anna Jay in action, that's always cool. As for Hikaru Shida VS Abadon, it seems Shida retained and is still the AEW Women's Champ.

Match 1- Tay Conti (with Anna Jay) VS Marti Daniels

Tay would go for a quick roll up pin. She's hold onto Marti's wrist and slam her with three shoulder tosses in a row and also a hip toss, all while still holding onto her. Tay finishes this with a deadly kick across the chest. Marti grabs Tay and slams her down. She tries to hit her with a high kick but gets leg caught on the ropes, which Tay uses as a chance to kick her in the knee. Tay grabs Marti's leg and hangs herself off it, locking it into a knee bar. 

With the ref breaking the knee bar with a 5 count, Marti gets in Tay's face and smacks her. Tay returns with multiple fore-arms to the face. Marti runs at her and ducks under Tay's swing, but then Tay clubs her on the back of the head with a clothesline. Marti would run into her again and Tay would flip her on her back with a suplex variation. Tay would sit on the turnbuckle and then leap off it as Marti would run at her, crashing with the ringpost. Tay lands with a roll and hits Marti with a flying knee strike to the face.

Tay picks up the dazed Marti and drops her face on her knee, knocking her out with the Tay-KO. Tay Conti wins the match. 

Match 2- Red Velvet VS Leva Bates

Both women go into a grapple and Velvet tosses Leva down with a firewoman's carry and gets her into an armlock. Leva reserves and tries to get her into an arm lock, but Velvet regains control of her arm. Leva goes for a pin and Velvet just slide right out from under her. Leva grabs onto Velvet's arm again and slams her down, going for a pin without success. Leva goes for a Northern Lights Suplex but Velvet gets out before she could get pinned. The Librarian lands a shoulder tackle on Velvet, which her answers with a split kick to the face. 

With Leva up on the ropes, Velvet hits her with a running body splash. She then shoved her boot up against the Librarian's neck. Velvet runs at her again but this time Leva gets the hell out of the way and Velvet hits the ringpost. Leva kicks her feet out from under her, and with her opponent down, she climbs on the ropes and swings her knees into Velvet's face. The Librarian goes for a kick, which Velvet catches. She tries to counter with her own kick which Leva catches, and then slams her down into a split position. Velvet taunts since she has no problem doing the splits at any time and Leva kicks her in the face.

Velvet kicks Leva in the breadbasket and then does a leaping kick across the back so send her down. She goes for the pin but Leva still kicks out. Leva manages to pick her up in a firewoman's carry but wasted too much time. Velvet slips out of her grasp and slams her facefirst with a Russian Legsweep. As Leva tries to get up, Velvet hits her with a running kick to the side of the face and knocks her out. Red Velvet wins the match. 

Match 3- Anna '99' Jay VS Alex Garcia

We start with Gracia flipping Anna Jay with an arm drag. Both women try to pin each other, Anna manages to arm drag Gracia this time. Gracia runs towards the ringpost and Anna manages to get out of the way. Anna Jay does a little spin and clocks Gracia in the mouth with a kick. Anna clotheslines Gracia twice and then kicks her down. With Alex in a sitting position, Number 99 of the Dark Order grabs her for a swinging neckbreaker. Anna Jay delivers a Jay Kick to the face, knocking Alex out. 

Alex manages to get up against the ropes and Anna rolls towards her and lands another kick to the face. Alex managed to finally kick Anna Jay away from her, but when she runs towards her, Number 99 grabs her in the Queen Slayer. Alex quickly taps out and Anna Jay is the winner.

Match 4- Serena Deeb (NWA Champion) VS Tesha Price

As both women go to grapple, Serena gets behind Tesha and trips her down, getting her into a front headlock. Serena grabs her in a headlock and Tesha tries to flip her shoulders to the mat, which would count as a pin. Tesha finally breaks out of the headlock but eats three uppercuts from the NWA Champion. As Tesha runs at her, Serena trips her down and grabs her in a submission move, immobilizing all four of her limbs. Tesha tries to turn this into a pin, which makes Serena let her go.

Serena tries to grab her arm and leg for another submission move but Tesha grabs onto the ropes to break whatever move she was attempting. Tesha manages to sock Serena in the face and then shoulder tackle her down. Tesha gets on her and delivers two right hooks to the face and goes for the pin, but the NWA Champ kicks out. Serena grabs onto Tesha and delivers a swinging neckbreaker, but doesn't let go, allowing her to deliver a second swinging neckbreaker. She then hits Tesha with a Snap Suplex. 

The NWA Champ sits Tesha on the turnbuckle and then bends her back into another submission hold. Even after letting her go, Tesha is stuck upside down on the ropes until she finally manages to free herself and fall onto the mat. Tesha grabs her with the Detox slam and scores the win. 

Serena Deeb is set to the defend her NWA title against Tay Conti the following night on Dynamite.

My Opinions-

The first match was aight, it was more of a showcase for Tay Conti, so we didn't get to see much of what the newcomer Marti Daniels can do. There was a part where Marti ducked under Tay's swing and just stood there, so I don't know if that was a missed cue or if Tay was supposed to clothesline her and then quickly made up for it and just clotheslined her from behind anyway. It's always cool to see Tay in action, love her new gear, though it's gonna take me a while to get used to her Tai-KO. I don't know, the way she grabs the opponent in a reverse rack position, I was expecting some kind of slam or something other than swinging the opponent into her knee. It's original, but weird.

Second match was alright, it's actually rare to see Leva in a match. Her moves are pretty basic, unless she's really bringing the 'this is how a librarian would wrestler if she had to' gimmick home. Red Velvet was alright. It'll take a while to get used to her little pot stirring motion, but hey, she came 'Straight from Yo Momma's Kitchen'. I'm assuming the kicks across the back was her finisher since she did the pot stir motion before landing it. I'm surprised they had Leva kick out of it only for her to go down with a regular kick to the face. Decent match and like Red Velvet's energy.

The third match was pretty quick. Even though Alex Gracia earned a win last week, she couldn't do too much against those super deadly kicks that Anna Jay keeps dishing out. Anna Jay continues to show dominance. 

The last match was a pretty good Serena Deeb showcase as she shows she's full of all sorts of deadly submission moves that come outta nowhere. While I heard she managed to retain the title the following night, I know Tay Conti gave it her all. She might have some deadly kicks but she is not stranger to submission moves. I can tell the match between those two had to have been pretty intense. I'll have to catch the rerun on the ol' TNT app. 

The real question here is, since Tay Conti seems to be her bestie, is she also wearing a Brodie Lee shirt to pay her respects, or will Ana Jay also bring her into the Dark Order? I'm actually still curious what they're gonna do in terms of a new leader for the Dark Order now that we've had some time to grieve the loss of the late Brodie Lee. 

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Batman and the Outsiders Annual # 1

By Mark Rodriguez
Working at home has given me a bit of free time to catch up on some comics. I was able to get my hands on this annual though and decided to give it a read. If I can find missing in-between issues of Batman and the Outsiders and Batman Universe, I might return to cover them as well. I did at least want to return to Batman and the Outsiders in this Annual since Annuals are usually one-shots.

The story opens in Japan with Katana telling the story of her ancestor Miyako fighting against the evil Tsutomo and his forces to Black Lightning. Miyako summoned fire and rendered the demons to ashes as she tore Tsutomo apart with her bare hands. The current situation is that Tsutomo lives within her sword, Soultaker, and is hurting the soul of her husband for revenge. Tastu and Jefferson leave the eatery they were in and heads towards a shop. Tatsu shows animosity towards the owner. They grew up in the same village as 'sisters' but their lives went through different paths leading to resentment towards each other.

The woman knows the situation and advises that Tatsu will have to journey into the sword to save her husband Maseo. To do so, she would have to die by the sword's own steel. As they leave the shop, Tatsu tells Jefferson that he doesn't need a part of this. She tells him he can return to America and lead the Outsiders but he's not going to abandon her.

Meanwhile, within the sword, Maseo is being tortured by Tsumoto. Maseo says Tatsu will never serve him. He says he wants Tastu to die and he will get her to do it by torturing Maseo further.

Tatsu tells Jefferson that when Miyako banished Tsutomo is it drove her insane, and she's rather not follow that path. She says the rooftop they're on is a good place for her to die. She recalls as a child she used to climb the cliffs of Tojinbo and she felt the winds calling her to jump. She felt like jumping but never did, and she feared how that desire never left her and how part of her wanted to.

Tastu tells Jefferson all this hoping he will believe when she says she did not want to die this night, as she impales herself with Soul Taker. She tells Jefferson to guard her body because she will return if she succeeds. Jefferson wonders what he will be protecting her from.

Katana falls into darkness as she hears the wind's song call her. She finds her ancestor Miyako, who tells her she doesn't have power in this void so it will be up to Tatsu.

Some sort of shadow demons arrive to attack Tatsu's body in hopes of setting Tsutomo free. Black Lightning fights without holding back since these creatures don't really seem to be alive.

Miyako tells Tatsu to give herself to the power they share and she refuses. She says without Tsutomo will win and she will be stuck within the sword. Katana fights the incoming demons as Tsutomo watches, holding onto Maseo.

Black Lightning is soon overcome by the demons as one of them shoves their hand in his mouth. Katana is also overtaken by the demons within the sword. She is inspired by her ancestor to rise and fulfill her legacy.

Black Lightning lets the demons get close enough so he can unleash a huge burst of electricity that blasts them all at once. Katana points her sword at Tsutomo telling him this is not his kingdom. The demon says she has no power here, and she says she is power. 

Katana and Tsutomo finally engage in combat and in a flash, she manages to slice his head off. Tatsu stands in front of her husband telling him he is free from the demon. Knowing that Tatsu can't stay, they share a kiss. The demons continue to attack Black Lightning and Katana comes back to life. She gets up and finishes off the demons with her sword. 

Katana thanks Jefferson for protecting her, calling him by name. He is surprised as asks her if she is alright. She says she is changing and she is scared. She feels she's on the cliff, standing at the edge and she needs a voice she can trust. Black Lightning says she has him and they hug. 


This has been building a bit on the main series as Katana was dealing with her own problems, which turned out to be her husband being tormented by demons with the Soul Sword. Now that this has been dealt with, I'm curious if the later issues will address that. I'm also curious if over her comic book history there has been other times Katana has entered her Soul Sword and seen her husband, or if her husband has ever escaped the sword only for some status quo thing to end with him back trapped inside. 

Pretty interesting story, it's the first Katana centered story I've read, and it was cool to see Black Lightning help her out and enter her world for a few moments. I would have liked more of a fight between Tatsu and Tsutomo, but I guess it's just to further emphasize that she was powerful enough to kill him in a single blow. 

Overall decent issue, loved the art. It was an interesting read and it was cool to learn more about Katana. A bit of false advertising in the sense that Batman is on the cover (as well as Signal and Orphan), but the comic is called Batman and the Outsiders.