Saturday, January 18, 2020

Dead Or Alive 6 Season 3 DLC overview

Mark Rodriguez

So Season 3 has come and gone and there are already rumors circling around Season 4. I've been busy but I had checked out the new costume sets as well as the somewhat new character. I've also gotten DOA5 Last Round for the PS4 recently so it's easier to compare and contrast. Legacy costumes have also been brought in which don't count as part of the season set but bring back outfits from DOA5 with mixed results. Let's check them out.

Here are the Season 3 exclusive outfits for Kasumi and Ayane. While Kasumi's looks different, Ayane just looks like a more pink/violet version of her classic out.
Witch Party Costumes-

So many fans were expecting some sort of Halloween costume set, and while people were hoping for every character getting a different costume, say a Vampire Kasumi and a Zombie Ayane or whatever, I kinds knew better. I predicted everyone would have the same sort of costume in a set, like all of the girls being vampires or something and not each character having their separate theme. I was right, as Team Ninja went with a Witch Costume Set for most of the women. Of course the guest characters Mai and Kula were excluded.

I actually like these outfits. While some people groaned that they were all witches, I liked how everyone had their own different spin on it. Some have witch hats, some use gypsy-like cloaks, some are more fancier dressed than others. I especially like the ones that go with the jean shorts like Ayane and Mila did. Some of the outfits even look great without the witch hats and stuff and just look like fancy dresses like Helena's take. I liked this set.

Energy up! Training Wear

The girls get to work out in yoga pants. That's all I needed to hear. All of the women (minus Mai and Kula) get variations of workout wear slightly based on the anime 'How Heavy are the Dumbbells You Lift?' It's a bit odd because besides the slight homage to the anime, it doesn't look like anybody actually 'cosplays' as any of the characters from the series and just wear standard workout clothes. It's the equivalent of making some sort of 'Street Fighter' shoutout but rather than have the girls dress up like the characters, everyone just wears a generic karate gi of different colors because, hey, Ryu and Ken wear karate gis, right?

Other than the outfits, the girls also get new 'tied up' type hairstyles, which makes sense for the longer hair characters to not have it get in the way of their exercise. Some like Christie, randomly have small weights tied behind their backs and others like Kasumi, replace their weapons with dumbbells. It's kinda funny.

I love this set and got almost all of them. It's a simple idea that I'm surprised wasn't used sooner, and it's a simple look, but Dead or Alive women in yoga pants should have been a no-brainer.

While this wasn't part of the set per say, around this time to go along with the anime collaboration they also released a set of limited time Titles you can unlock by doing certain things, like scoring enough online wins or doing a certain number of Break Blows and whatnot. The titles, I assume, reference the anime and actually have characters from How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift on them, so at least that's something.

I am glad to say that I was able to get all of the titles before time ran out.

NEW Character- Rachel

To the surprise of nobody, Rachel was the next DLC character to be added, joining her Ninja Gaiden co-star Momiji. Both of them were already in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round, so almost as soon as Momiji was announced, everyone already predicted the next one up would be Rachel.

You can get Rachel either by herself or alongside her costume pack. Her costume pack includes the Happy Wedding outfit, Pirate of the Seven Seas outfit, Seaside Eden outfit, Summer Breeze Collection outfit and a Santa Bikini.

However, Rachel fell victim to DOA6's attempts to tone down the skimpy outfits of the ladies. To the outrage of many fans out there, the Core Values got to one of her outfits, donning her with some sort of black bodysuit underneath to cover up all the skin. When people first caught sight of this, everyone denied that this would make it into the final cut... but here we are.

I added a picture from DOA5 Last Round to compare and we can see Rachel is showing a lot less skin. The odd thing is, some of Christie's outfits are just as intense and she didn't get covered up. 
Santa Bikinis

The girls get into the holiday spirit as they show off some lovely Santa-themed swimsuits. All of the ladies with the exception of Mai, Kula and Rachel (who already comes with her own Santa Bikini) get a set.

While they do look nice, the main complaint was that they all look exactly the same. Had they had some sort of different variations, people would have liked this set more. I only got the ones for some of my faves like Tina, Momiji and Phase 4. Of course, Phase 4 gets extra points for wearing a dark version of the theme.

- Extra Content that doesn't count as part of Season 3- Revival Sets-

Here are 3 separate sets of outfits that don't count as part of any season. As the name implies, they're returning costumes from DOA5 Last Round.

Sexy Bunny Costume Set

The girls bring back the sexy with a bit of class as they wear Playboy Bunny outfits. All of the ladies get their own set, and even though Mai and Kula aren't included, they already have their own Bunny outfits when they came out. This set came out before Rachel was released, so who knows if eventually they'll release a spare bunny outfit for her.

Hot Summer Costume Set

The girls get another set for the summer, unfortunately this is where the Core Values strike again. If you're wondering why some of the girls are particularly covered up like Mila or Kasumi, it's because in DOA5, the extra clothes were destructible. However in DOA6 they are not, which angered a lot of fans. I did buy a few that still work like Momiji and La Mariposa, but for many, it wasn't worth re-buying these outfits from DOA5, especially censored versions of them. As always, Mai and Kula are excluded and this was before Rachel was released.

Santa's Helper Costume Set

With it being Christmas time, the Santa outfits return from DOA5. Everyone except Mai and Kula get an outfit, including the guys. Rachel missed the boat so we don't know if she will get one later on. One thing I noticed when I got my copy of DOA5 Last Round was it came with the Santa Outfits already while we had to pay for them as separate DLC this time around.

One thing I find particularly entertaining was that Bass actually got 2 outfits. He got the classic red Santa suit but also a black Santa suit. I guess Bass was going for a Face and Heel version and with him wearing black and donning those shades, he reminds me of Hollywood Hogan.

My Overall Opinions-

This has been an interesting and polarizing season set. Without a doubt my favorite costume sets were the Witch outfits and Energy Up! outfits. I did enjoy hopping online for several matches to make sure I unlocked all of those Titles before they would stop being available. While I can't complain about seeing the girls in tights, their apparent collab with the anime series would have made more sense had they actually dressed like the girls in the series, similar to how the gang was wearing Attack on Titan uniforms in DOA5.

The Santa Bikinis were alright but I wish they had different looks for each character. I would have been more inclined to buy more of them if they looked different. I welcome any new character, so I can't complain too much about Rachel. I love her moves and her Break Blow is awesome. She obviously loses points for getting one of her outfits censored. Again, Christie pretty much wears the same thing and this one of the outfits already included within the game, so I don't know what the deal is there.

As for the 3 Revival Sets, I like the Playboy Bunny ones but I barely bought any of the Hot Summer ones due to them not being complete. Then the Santa Outfits had the same problem as the Santa Bikinis, they are all the exact same, so I only bought a few for my favorites.

So basically guys, if Team Ninja wants my money, they need to release outfits where even though they all follow a theme, every character gets their own take on it. If all of them look exactly the same, I won't be buying them all due to the sheer redundancy. And if you're going to release older outfits, at least include all of the features that came with the original set, or why bother. That ruined the Hot Summer set.

For those that care about the male characters, Season 3 had literally nothing to offer for them. The only thing the guys got were the Santa Helper outfits and that Revival set doesn't count as part of the season.

On a lighter note, sometime during the Fall/Winter months, Team Ninja did release Lei Fang's classic DOA1 leather outfit and it was for free. Seeing that it was one of my favorite looks for Lei Fang since DOA first made its debut, I couldn't hop online to unlock the new outfit fast enough.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Movie Sonic gets a new look!

By Mark Rodriguez

I'm a little late to the party, but since I spent so much time complaining about the horrible design Sonic was going to have in his upcoming live action movie, I might as well talk about the response to the random. In a surprising twist where it seems nowadays most studios have a 'don't like it, don't watch it' or a 'this movie isn't for you' attitude towards their fans, the people behind the Sonic movie basically said "whoops, our bad" and actually fixed the design. Now Sonic the Hedgehog quite literally looks like Sonic the Hedgehog.

There are a few minor differences here and there, but they make sense for bringing an alien talking hedgehog to our world. His arms and legs are still blue and furry (quilly?) instead of the shaved look from the games, and his eyes are still separate, but it makes more sense than whatever the hell the videogame Sonic's eyes are. His eyes are bigger and rounder though, and combined with the patch of white fur between them, it overall works. Sonic also gets his gloves back instead or having white furry hands. Most of all, Sonic is more.... Sonic-sized. His proportions match much closer to his videogame counterpart, rather than trying too hard to give him more realistic human-like proportions that made him look like a guy in furry pajamas. 

Due to the changes, the Paramount Pictures and DJ2 Entertainment film was pushed back from this month to February 2020. I mean, not only do they have to reanimate Sonic for every scene he is in, they also have to refilm a few of the scenes with the actors. Due to the height difference between NotSonic and MovieSonic, now Jim Carrey and James Marsden will have to look a little lower than they were before to make any scene they're taking directly to the blue speedster look right. If not, it'll look like they're trying to talk to someone behind Sonic. 

From what the trailer shows, it seems Sonic does indeed come from another planet (I don't know if the current games call it Mobius or not, but I'd love the shoot out to it) and it does indeed look like the games with giant loop-de-loops and the like. Sonic comes to Earth because everyone is after 'his powers', which I assume is his speed. Dr. Robotnik (the trailer does reveal he will be called Robotnik, rather than Eggman) will be after him, but based on his reaction upon seeing him, this is the first time he ever sees the hedgehog. 

Yes, as mentioned before, Jim Carrey will be playing Dr. Robotnik and it looks like he'll be hamming it up in his typical 90s fashion. James Marsden will be playing a police sherrif that becomes Sonic's friend and Tika Sumpter will be playing James,' wife. 

The trailer looks like it'll be a lot of fun. There's better humor shown here and the music remixed from the Sonic games works better than Gangster's Paradise. My only nitpick is Sonic seems too nice and friendly. As the hedgehog with attitude, Sonic is always a bit rude and rushy, and also cocky, hence the trademark smirk. We'll have to see how that plays out in the movie, but between a better Sonic and Carrey's antics, this is bound to be a good time. 

Valentine's Day is an odd release date. Maybe if your significant other is a super duper Sonic fan? 

Friday, October 11, 2019

LBRY- Getting better every time

By Mark Rodriguez

It's been about 4 months since we started using LBRY to start a whole new video series. For those that don't know, LBRY is another video streaming service that allows for more freedom of content as well as a stronger sense of community that isn't forced to cater to what corporations and advertisers want. It's gone through several updates which are worth checking out.

LBRY works by installing the app onto your computer or phone and signing up for the service. As you start creating videos or earn rewards, you can earn crypto-currency called LBC (LBRY Credits) as well as helping others by tipping them. You can also earn LBC by joining the Discord and helping out the best you can, there is a lot of support and they allow you to advertise your channel and videos. You can also choose to link your pre-existing Youtube channel (or channels) to LBRY and earn a lot of LBC depending on how many videos are brought over in one fell swoop.

While I am not the expert on things like crypto-currency and block-chains, I can mention the more visual differences as the LBRY desktop app continues to improve. First off, they now added the ability to add in your channel banner and profile logo. Before you could only get one if you linked your Youtube channel, which would bring over your pre-existing banner. You were pretty much stuck with a bland and plain banner, but now you can edit it to your liking. You can also tell how many followers you have.

The overall look of the app is more organized as it is now easier to keep track of the videos you already made, channels you follow and so forth. If you mess up on a video somewhere, you can go back and fix it, but you can also go back to edit the video you previously uploaded and re-upload from there. Youtube only gave you the option to downright delete your video and re-upload it, screwing up your upload order.

The app keeps track of how much LBC you have obtained, ( which as of printing is $0.01 in US currency), but now it tells you how much LBC you have pending in tips you've earned as well as LBC you can potentially earn in rewards. You can now see how much LBC has been given to you as support, which helps make your content easier to see in searches and trending.

While you earn rewards by watching a certain amount of videos, referring a friend or every time you upgrade, there is now a new Daily Reward in which watching a video can score you a random amount between 1-100 LBC.

Overall the app is smoother and cleaner looking and easier to use. If you choose to do so you can also select to have the channels you follow to auto-upload their newest videos to your computer for later viewing. The phone app has also fixed several issues that prevented some users, including myself, from watching videos on it. It's been working fine after the latest update.

As for us? Well for personal experience, we've been having fun making new content for LBRY. While a lot of the videos like movie reviews and unboxings are also on Youtube, I do throw in a few extra gameplay videos only on LBRY and The Gamer Cauldron is our new LBRY-exclusive show. So far we only have 2 episodes and both times they have ranked pretty high in the ranks and trending. So far support has been good, not just in the chat but also with a new fanbase.

LBRY is continuing to get better and better and every day new people have been jumping aboard. Our very own Poke from Poke's Adventures has also joined up with LBRY as he synced his Youtube channel with the platform.

As the platform continues to grow and improve, I will follow up with what new features get added. Aside from the app, they are working on a website, LBRY TV which is still in the beta stages that is still getting more improvements made until it's ready for a more release to the general public. We can't wait, but now is the time to join and start building a pre-established fanbase before LBRY goes live!

To check out LBRY, read their FAQs for more information and potentially sign up, go to and give it a shot! 

Our LBRY channel The VGM Geek Portal can be found at-
To check out and support  Poke's LBRY channel check out-

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Dead Or Alive 6 Season 2 DLC overview

By Mark Rodriguez

So Season 2 has come and gone for Dead or Alive 6 to go with the summer season. For those new to the game, Dead or Alive 6 is the latest fighting game in a series known for its lethal lovely ladies and their seemingly endless supply of DLC outfits. New to the game were the Break Blows, which are cinematic attacks that end with a close up sock to the face or mid-section, as well as new characters Diego and NiCo. The first season of DLC brought in wedding costumes, pirate costumes, the deluxe costumes which were once only available for pre-order, and the SNK crossover characters, Mai Shiranui and Kula Diamond. Let's see what Season 2 entails.

Christie shows off her color-changing ninja outfit
The season 2 pass did cost around 80 bucks, not quite the 90 that first pass did. It includes a bunch of costumes, some new background music tracks and exclusive outfits for Marie Rose and Honoka... which are just grey re-colors of their basic outfits. Many felt this was extremely lazy given that the bonus costumes for NiCo and Nyotengu in the first season pass were all-new outfits and not re-colors.

Seaside Eden Costumes- 26 costumes

It's time to hit the beach as everyone gets to wear swimsuits. Finally the characters get the swimsuits the fans have been asking for. This time around, everybody got their outfits all at once instead of separating them into 2 separate parts. The only ones left out were Mai and Kula.

Not to much I can say, except I was surprised that this time they released them all in one set. Regardless some of the critics felt these swimsuits were too 'tame' compared to the ones in DOA 5. The only thing I can say about that is that there are tons of swimsuits in the last game, so I'm sure this will be just be the first set of many swimswear sets to come. I honestly think everyone looks just fine and don't really see anything to complain about. It's just too bad that Mai and Kula were left out. I have to admit it's pretty funny seeing Nyotengu fighting with ice cream.

Vacation to Paradise BGM Tracks

Twelve tracks that go with the free beach stage that was released around this time. I honestly wouldn't spend money on music tracks so I can't really comment on these, but... cool I guess?

Summer Breeze Collection- 15 costumes

This time the ladies show off some straw hats and fancy sun dresses. Just like the previous set, all of the women get their outfits all at once, though the guys were left out. I don't know. The guys could have been wearing Hawaiian shirts and shorts or something. Again Mai and Kula were left out.

I don't really have too much to say about this set. They're alright I guess. Most of the critics found it odd to have outfits that completely cover up the girls in a game known for its fanservice. There's always a bunch of hype and curiosity about what the next costume set is going to be, so many were disappointed it was just a bunch of sundresses. Well hey, August is the hottest month of the year, you can't blame them for wanting to avoid sunburn.

DLC Additional Character- Momiji

Momiji, the Dragon Shrine Maiden from the Hayabusa Ninja Clan returns. She can either be purchased alone, or you can purchase her alongside her Debut Costume Set, which is her Happy Wedding outfit, Pirates of the 7 Seas outfit, Seaside Eden swimsuit and her Summer Breeze sundress.

I have to say, Momiji is pretty bad-ass. I like her moves and her Break Blow is easiest the coolest one of the game. Similar to Mai, she is very easy to pick up and score some wins. The main complaint though is that she's already a character introduced in Dead or Alive 5 which has to be re-purchased again, similar to Nyotengu and Mai. People are already predicting the other Ninja Gaiden guest star, Rachael to appear in Season 3. Another thing to note, is that unlike Mai and Kula, Momiji did not get an extra story chapter in the game's story mode, not that those are particularly important, but it's worth mentioning.

Morphin Ninja Costumes- 

Everyone gets into the ninja act as they get cool ninja costumes. The only ones left out are Mai, Kula and Momiji. The cool extra detail about these outfits is that they change into a gold color either during a taunt or during a Break Blow. Doing the taunt or Break Blow again changes them back to their original color. Again, everybody gets their outfit all at once instead of being split into two sets.

I have to say, I did like these, even though the color change gimmick if purely superficial. It would have to be because if they get some sort of strength or speed boost or whatever, it would be unfair that you would have to buy these outfits to win. It's silly, but I love having the characters 'turn Super Saiyan' during a match, and back again. It is kinda odd to give 'ninja costumes' to the already pre-existing ninjas, like Kasumi, Ayane and Hayabusa since they're already wearing ninja costumes. I guess for them it's ninja outfit, but even more ninja!

Overall thoughts-

So this set got people swimsuits, sundresses, ninja outfits and Momiji. Everyone was waiting for swimwear and I personally liked the Super Saiyan ninja outfits, so I guess the only ones that were kinda duds were the sundresses. Still not something awesome enough worth spending 80 bucks for, especially when the only bonus are grey re-colors for Marie and Honoka. Also, last time we got 2 DLC characters, but this time we only got one. Yes Mai was a re-buy, but Kula Diamond was new to the series. Perhaps we could have gotten someone like Sonia/Irene to accompany the returning Momiji and follow the Ninja Gaiden theme. Her Break Blow could have incorporated her bazooka.

Along the way they added the free beach stage, some new free unlockable costumes for some characters like Mila and Hayabusa. Wow we got the feature that we've been waiting for- the ability to only buy the costumes for the characters that you want rather than being forced to buy the entire set for 25 to 30 bucks. Now I was able to buy the pirate outfits, swimsuits and color-changing ninja outfits for some of my favorite characters like Tina, Mila and Christie. And that's pretty cool. This works using a ticket system. The DLC outfits cost 2 tickets can either buy just the 2 tickets or you can buy a set of 10 tickets to snag several costumes at once. The outfits on their own are about 2 bucks each.

The best part of this season wasn't even part of the season at all. Being able to buy the outfits you want. Like I said before, I'll only be looking to get the costumes I want and any new characters. It's a whole different story if you're actually buying the whole season pass ahead of time, not only without knowing what it will entail, but also fronting 80-90 bucks for it. No thanks you guys, no thanks.

We'll see what Season 3 will bring. Will Rachael rejoin the cast?

On a side-note but kinda/sorta related story, Team Ninja pulled Mai Shiranui and the KOF crossover costumes from the Playstation Store and XBox Store this past September 11, 2019. These outfits were Yuri Sakazaki outfits for Ayane and Hitomi, Hinako outfits for Marie Rose and Honoka and Kasumi Todoh outfits for Kasumi and Kokoro. I find it funny that Kasumi got to Cosplay as someone that shares her name. I managed to buy these before they would be gone forever. So I guess I'll have to pick up the PS4 version of DOA 5 Last Round and sell the Xbox 360 version of Ultimate DOA 5.

Will we ever see Tag Team Mode added to Dead or Alive 6? 

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Web of Black Widow (2019) # 1

By Mark Rodriguez

While I didn't read Captain America's run as a HYDRA agent, I did find out that Black Widow died somewhere during the story arc before Steve got back to normal. While Black Widow's fate seems much more permanent in the movies, in the comics any time a hero dies it's basically an extended vacation. In this case, she has returned in the form of a clone with implanted memories. Natasha Romanoff returns and here's what she's up to.

The story opens in New York as an elegantly dressed woman walks into a fancy dinner party. As she takes a glass of wine, she sees Mr. Stark speaking with a Walter Sobol and asks him for a dance. Mr. Stark takes her up on the offer. As they dance, Stark notices the woman is Natasha and tells her she doesn't need to disguise herself for this charity event. She says old habits die hard. Stark says it's been a while since they last danced and he asks her if she remembers their first dance. Natasha remembers herself dancing in the Red Room. Nat kisses Stark's cheek and whispers in her ear to 'stay out of her way' and leaves. Tony can't stop her and hopes himself that she didn't drug him again.

Earlier that night we see Natasha going upstairs with a drink that she offers to a guy that checks the computers. Now that she's returned, the guy is passed out from the drink and she gets is security card from his pockets. Natasha sneaks into a computer room and inserts a flash drive into the keyboard. As this happens she has another flashback of the Red Room.

Years ago, the Headmistress recommends Black Widow's services to Mr. Sobol, even though she was still a child at the time. Mr. Sobol agrees as long as the job is done and can't be traced back to his family. The Headmistress says Widow has yet to fail them.

On the rooftops, Widow takes aim of her target sitting in his car. With the man in her sights, she pulls the trigger and completes her mission.

Back to the present, Sobol is ready to play a presentation for his charity event. As the film begins to play, scenes with Grandpa Sobol as well as the man that he had Widow kill all those years ago play, confusing the modern day Sobol.

Natasha prepares her gauntlets and tears her dress up to give on of her legs more room as she knows the guards will be arriving soon. Several guards arrive to find the man working the computers still passed outside and they start banging on the door. The door explodes and Black Widow jumps out, defeating everybody with her dance-like martial arts skills. One of the men grab her hair, which is a wig, and he soon gets a kick to the face.

Running upstairs to the roof, Natasha runs into Iron Man and she says she told him to stay out of this. Tony says she could have asked for help instead of doing this on her own. Widow asks if one were to replace every part of an old car, would it really still be the same car you bought?

Tony tries to emphasize with her having been killed and brought back, but he says humans are more than just components and parts. Natasha asks about her memories and her history and says she has a much more unpleasant history than most. She explains that everything Walter Sobol has was created on his grandfather having executed his competition, a lie that she helped tell the world. Tony said that doesn't mean Walter knew about this, and Natasha says had he known he would have sent security the moment the video started instead of waiting for it to end.

As Tony tries to reach out to Natasha, she vanishes but still tells him to stay out of her way. This was just a hologram. Tony radios Steve and tell him he had a run-in with Natasha and is worried about her. He tells him that something is very wrong. All the while a mysterious figure is watching.

My Opinions-

Pretty cut and dry story which is sure to lead to bigger things. So long ago, Sobol's grandfather used to hire Widow to kill any competitors and thus help his business thrive. Feeling guilty for her past, Widow exposes this secret to the world, even though it seems Sobol's own grandson didn't know about it. It seems Widow is out to right her previous wrongs, regardless of any unforeseen consequences that might come along with it.

The art is different than usual but due to the flashbacks here and there, and everyone looking rather young, it took me a while to piece together what was going on. For a moment there I couldn't tell if Nat was dancing with Tony Stark or Howard Stark in some flashback sequence. I did like the fighting sequence with the guards but this panel here is one of my favorites with Widow doing what she did best back in the day.

The bigger issue isn't that Widow has been brought back from the dead... but how. One question she asks herself with the car analogy is, if she's just a clone with Natasha's memories, if she really Natasha at all? And that's one of my biggest problems that I have when I found out exactly how Natasha made her big return, the fact that she is a clone with implanted memories. She's a copy, and real Natasha Romanoff is still dead. We still don't know how all this will play out, but if this version of Widow sticks around and everyone just kinda handwaves it away, that would mean Nat's friends are okay with her being dead and continuing to hang around a copy.

Tony saying 'something is very wrong' still makes her sound like a science project run amok, which wouldn't be completely wrong. It seems Nat has seen all her memories 'for the first time' and is out to set things right, no matter the cost. I'm wondering where all of this is going to go. It also looks like Nat is gonna run into Winter Soldier and Daredevil next issue too.