Friday, November 26, 2021

Dragonball Super manga Volume 3

 By Mark Rodriguez

Unlike most anime and manga, the Dragonball Super anime (as well as Battle of Gods and Resurrection F) were released in anime form first and later on Toriyama and Toyotaro started working on the manga. While the first volume was sort of trimming things down and rushing to move along (to the point where it's assumed you already saw both movies to know about the parts that got skipped), the second volume started adding more differences here and there. It seems the Goku Black Arc is going to be the first major arc where it's going to be basically the same outline but with very different events.

Trunks has returned from the future a second time. It's been years after he defeated the Androids and prevented the awakening of Majin Buu in his timeline, a new threat has appeared. For some reason this new enemy looks like an evil version of Goku, who the Bulma of that timeline called Goku Black. Beerus asks how his alternate self is allowing Goku Black to do as he pleases. When Trunks mentions that the Kaioshin in his timeline died during the fight against Darbura, Whis explains that Hakaishin and Kaioshin are connected by their lifespans. This means Trunks' timeline no longer has a God of Destruction.

Chapter 16

The story opens with a flashback to Future Trunks training on KaiohshinKai with the Z-Sword, and incredibly heavy sword regular mortals shouldn't be able to lift. Even though he had destroyed Androids 17 and 18 in his timeline, Trunks would soon enter his version of the 'Buu saga' in which he would be recruited by Kaioshin and Kibito to help prevent his awakening. Trunks has gotten good at using the sword, which impresses Kibito. Kaioshin wants to test Trunks by throwing a block of Kattin Metal, the hardest substance in the universe, so that Trunks can slice it in half with the Z-Sword. Just then Kibito senses that the bad guys are making their move, to they leave to stop them, leaving the block of metal behind. 

In the regular Buu saga, Kaioshin threw the block of Kattin Metal at Gohan, but it was so solid it snapped the Z-Sword in half. Doing so released the elder Kaioshin who Beerus locked away in the sword centuries ago. Seeing that Kaioshin and the rest had to leave before they could test the sword against the metal, Trunks never got to accidentally break the Z-Sword and Roh Kaioshin will never get released in his timeline.

Later on, Kaioshin and Kibito are looking pretty banged up as Babidi laughs. Trunks is fighting against Darbura, sword against sword. Darbura spits at Trunks, which he blocks with the Z-Sword. As the sword turns to stone, Kaioshin tells Trunks to drop it before he turns to stone too. As he does so, Darbura is ready to swing his blade at him from behind. Trunks catches is between his hands. The Z-Sword shattered upon hitting the ground, which shocks Kibito. Just then the gods avoid a barrage of fire as Trunks is knocked down near them. 

Dabura says Trunks will die alongside the puny gods. Kaioshin apologizes and says he had no idea Dabura would ever work for Babidi. Babidi says Pui Pui and Yakon were just decoys, and he would never let them ruin his plan after taking over ten years to gather enough energy to awaken Majin Buu. Kaioshin says he'll stop them even if it costs him his life, and she flies towards Babidi. Dabura shoots a fireball at Kaioshin that knocks him to the ground away from his master. As Kibito tries to do something, Dabura extends his hand and blasts him to nothingness at point blank range. 

Babidi laughs and starts kicking Kaioshin, saying he's next. He raises him with his telekinesis and starts to snap his neck. Trunks says that's enough and turns Super Saiyan 2. He tells them they fought too hard to establish peace and he won't let those two ruin that. He viciously attacks Dabura, knocking him back towards Babidi. Babidi asks why he suddenly got stronger and Dabura says he must be from a race that gets stronger through rage. Trunks flies in and kicks Dabura back, knocking him on top of Babidi, killing him. 

Trunks is ready to finish the job and Dabura forms a spear to defend himself. Suddenly he can't move as he held in place by Kaioshin's power. Trunks prepares an energy blast and kills Dabura in a massive explosion. Kaioshin is glad they have prevented the awakening of Majin Buu but soon drops dead from his injuries. Unfortunately, the fight was witnessed by Goku Black who now understands that the God of Destruction no longer exists.

Back to our main timeline, Trunks tells Goku and the rest that shortly after this was when Goku Black arrived and started killing people. Whis says that fact that Kaioshin and Hakaishin are linked isn't commonly known, and Beerus asks if he's a god as well. Whis tells them that if this person specifically chose a timeline without a Goku and Lord Beerus, then he might also have been traveling through parallel worlds. 

Beerus asks Trunks if he's sure the God of Destruction from his timeline is gone, and he says this is the first time hearing of him. Goku properly introduces Lord Beerus and Whis to Trunks and he is honored to meet them. Bulma says they can't do too much until the time machine is fully charged and tells Trunks to go change his clothes. Trunks walks up to his younger self and is impressed he can already turn Super Saiyan at his age. He also recognizes the girl from Pilaf's gang and she introduces herself as Mai. Trunks knew it was her and tells her she's in his timelines too. Pilaf and Shou ask if they're also in his timeline and he says he's not sure.

How does he know Trunks can turn Super Saiyan? He hasn't done it at this stage.

As Trunks leaves the room, he laments the loss of the Mai of his timeline. Meanwhile, present day Mai is swooned by Future Trunks and calls him a looker. Bulma says she's starting to sound like an old lady, which of course is ironic because Mai really is pretty old at this stage of the story. 

Back to the dark future, Goku Black can't sense Trunks' ki anywhere on the planet. Without Kaioshin, Beerus or even Trunks to stop him, Goku Black should have won, but he feels he shouldn't underestimate the persistence of a Saiyan. He flies off to wait and see what happens. Meanwhile a cat licks Mai's face, slowly waking her up. She seems to have survived the battle. The cat runs past a demolished restaurant, which is still active in the present day.

Bulma and the gang are enjoying their meal in the restaurant while Mai continues to swoon over Future Trunks. Goku asks Trunks if there's really nobody to fight on his side. Trunks says Goku Black said he took out all the gods of his universe. Beerus wonders if there's a guy like this in this timelines who could start a similar reign of terror. Whis asks if he wishes to ask the Kaioshin about this. Beerus wants to make sure there isn't a god on this universe that could turn evil.

Meanwhile in Universe 10, Kibito is seen fighting with a Kaioshin. The Kaioshin gets in his stance and flies into Kibito, getting swatted away. The Kaioshin uses his telekinesis to make Kibito miss his lunging strike and go past him. The Kaioshin raises his arm to chop Kibito across the back when his master says the match is over.

The Universe 7 Kaioshin is impressed by this fighter. The Kaioshin of Universe 10 says Zamasu used to be the North Kaioh Sama who now wishes to replace the current Kaioshin. Zamasu is impressed by the strength of Universe 7 and Kibito is impressed to see a former Kaioh Sama get to be so powerful.

Zamasu says he always looked up to Universe 7 Kaioshin and Kibito, since he heard they destroyed Majin Buu. Kaioshin says they didn't do it alone, and those sorts of things fall upon the God of Destruction to take care of. Kibito says it's a shame their God of Destruction spends a lot of time sleeping. This makes Beerus randomly sneeze in the main universe.

Kaioshin says if it weren't for Son Goku and his friends, Kibito and himself would have killed by Babidi. Zamasu asks about Son Goku and Kaioshin says he's a pure hearted Saiyan. Zamasu is surprised that a mortal could surpass a god and Kibito says there are several humans where they come from that have surpassed them, but at least none of them are stronger than the God of Destruction. Zamasu says they probably did the right thing as unnecessary beings need to be terminated to ensure the future of the universes. Kaioshin is surprised by his choice of words.

Kaioshin and Kibito excuse themselves and take their leave. The Universe 10 Kaioshin says Zamasu's martial arts are at their peak but now it's time to polish what's inside him. They watch the planet Babari through an orb and see a species of dinosaur-like beings bashing each other with clubs. Zamasu is put off by their barbaric actions. Kaioshin mentions the humanoids evolving on that planet are too vicious and asks him what they should do about it. Zamasu says they should terminate them all and be done with it.

The Universe 10 Kaioshin is surprised he said such a thing and says such decisions are left up to the God of Destruction. They'll watch them over the next 1000 years to see if they calm down. Zamasu says the natives on Babari will never establish order as they have seen on countless other planets. Kaioshin offers him the Time Ring which lets them travel freely through time. They can personally see if the people of Babari have changed over time. 

The extra one page gag reveals the Elder Kaioshin was killed while still trapped inside the sword. This was due to the Z-Sword being turned to stone and shattering rather than just breaking in half the regular way, I suppose. 

Chapter 17

We start on planet Babari of Universe 10 as the dinosaur-like resident is dragging a big fish he caught and a big club. He is approached by 2 others that are also armed with clubs and plan to steal his fish. The dinosaur runs towards them and gets smashed by one of the bandits with a club and is sent flying into the mountainside. The bandits grab his fish but feel a pebble hit them. As they look up a giant boulder lands on them, killing them both. A giant-sized dinosaur humanoid now grabs the fish and starts eating it. The Kaioshin and Zamasu are witness to this.

Zamasu says they're savages, his master says perhaps they are now but they can use the Time Ring to check in a thousand years. This is the first time Zamasu sees the Time Ring and his master tells him it's the first time he's used it in 400 years. The Kaiohshin explains it was only be used to go freely through time to the present day and the future, going into the past is forbidden. The Kaioshin shows him a top row of rings for worlds where history was rewritten. 

The Kaiohshin explains that someone in Universe 12 once had the technology to create a time machine and go back to the past, and this created parallel worlds. He is surprised that now there are 4 rings created, each one representing a new world created as a result of this. The Kaioshin takes off one of his Potara earring and hands it over to Zamasu. Since only Kaioshin are allowed to use the Time Ring, this will temporarily make him one. It's important to put it on the left ear, same as his master, for if he puts it on the right ear, both of them would fuse and it would be permanent. Once he puts on the earring, the Kaioshin tells him to look at the Time Ring and chant a thousand years in his mind. 

The gods are teleported a thousand years in Babari's future where we now see signs of civilization, which pleases the Kaiohshin. Zamasu sees something behind a hillside and asks his master to see it as well. They see a big brawl between a large number of the dinosaur men. Zamasu is disgusted and said they haven't changed and such mortals don't belong in this universe. The Kaioshin notices some cloaked figured to which the dinosaurs quickly bow to show their respect. Before they can investigate further, one of the dinosaurs is about to attack the Kaioshins. 

Zamasu sends him flying back. The Kaioshin says it's time for them to go, and the dinosaur gets back up and starts running towards them. Zamasu unleashes a blade-like energy field around his hand and his master tells him to stop. The Kaioshin tells him to stop, but regardless Zamasu raises his arm and then swings it down, slicing the dinosaur in half. As the creature drops dead, Zamasu smiled with wicked satisfaction. His master tells him it's time to leave as he snaps out of it.

Yeah, I'm sure Universe 10 can rest easy knowing this is the god they would be praying to

Back home, the Kaioshin asks his apprentice why he killed the dinosaur when they could have just left. Zamasu says those mortals were trash that didn't need to exist. His master explains there is no such things are useless mortals, all beings have a purpose, even earthworms help make soil fertile. He asks Zamasu why he hates mortals so much, he says that they destroy their planets environments once they get advanced enough. The Kaioshin says Barbari is to be left that way, they are only there to watch, if they are to be doomed then let them doom themselves. 

Zamasu wants to be more proactive and stop mortals before they're consumed by evil and his master says that rests upon the God of Destruction. Zamasu asks what is their purpose, and his master says they are to watch the world of the mortals and if something becomes large enough to threaten the universe, do what they can to help them fix it. He understands Zamasu's sense for justice but tolerance is what leads them on the path to peace. Zamasu says if he's just expected to turn a blind eye.

The Kaioshin explains that he admits Zamasu has the strength to stop evil, but he must never grow arrogant for it will lead to his demise. Zamasu asks why did he work to hard to achieve his strength. His master tells him he should see that effort as a way to balance his heart. Zamasu bows and asks got his apologies. The Kaioshin says traveling for a thousands years is tiring and he will like for Zamasu to prepare some tea for him. Zamasu says he will do so. 

Meanwhile, Present Trunks is in the lead as he is Go-Kart racing with Lord Beerus, his future self, Goku, Vegeta, Pilaf, Mai and Shou. Vegeta bashes his car into Goku's saying he won't let him win. A turn comes up and due to Vegeta messing with Goku, he can't turn fast enough and crashes into the hill. Goku says Vegeta needs to slow down for those turns as he drives past. Meanwhile, Beerus finds an opening to get ahead of Present Trunks and makes his move. Beerus moves in front of Present Trunks and is now in the lead. Present Trunks grabs a turtle shell and throws it at Beerus, making him spin out of control. He yells for his future self to go for it, and Future Trunks floors it, winning the race.

Ok, so where was the Go-Kart filler episode in the anime?

This turned out to be a video game as both Trunks celebrate their win. Beerus is mad and destroys his controller. Present Trunks says it's the third time he broke the game and he should stop playing if he's just going to get mad every time. Beerus leaves in a huff as Whis follows him. Mai fawns over Trunks being good at videogames and he tells her it's mostly cause of his younger self.

Goku is tired and wants to head to bed and tells Trunks he needs some rest too. Future Trunks says its been a while since it's been so peaceful and worried about his own timeline. Goku says not to worry as he'll take care of Goku Black. Vegeta angrily says he will be the one to defeat Goku Black and Goku says he can't decide that.

Never thought I'd see Goku or Vegeta play a videogame, let alone have Goku give Vegeta pointers on it

Trunks tells Goku and Vegeta that he will be coming with them, he wants to bring peace to his world with his own hands. Vegeta says to join him in the gravity room early the following morning, as he will train him. 

Meanwhile Zamasu is watching Godtube, their version of Youtube, as he watches the fight between Goku and Hit. His master sees this and jokes if he wants to become a Godtuber instead of a Kaioshin now. The Kaioshin manages to catch what Zamasu was watching and recognizes the name Son Goku as the same one the Kaioshin from Universe 7 mentioned that surpassed the powers of the gods. Zamasu asks what the stars are in the sky of the tournament, and his master says those must be the Dragonballs that are able to grant any wish. 

The next morning Present Trunks is looking pretty sleepy, due to playing videogames all night. Bulma tells him to go wash his face. As Present Trunks walks past the Gravity Room, Vegeta is training with his future self. Goku is meditating, keeping himself floating above water as Whis watches him. Beerus angrily tells one of Bulma's servants to get him a barrel of beer. Whis asks if he's still mad about the video game from the night before. Kaioshin arrives and asks if Beerus called for him.

Whis asks Kaioshin if he has heard of any gods with dangerous ideologies, for example a god that hates mortals. Kaioshin thinks of Kibito who is always made discriminatory remarks towards mortals. Goku says Black is supposed to look like him and Kibito doesn't resemble him in the slightest. Just then Whis gets a call from the Grand Priest. It seems Zeno Sama wants to see Goku immediately.

Goku says he's busy and he can go later, Beerus tells him that if Zeno wants to see him now, he better go NOW. Whis says it will take 2 days to get there, but Kaioshin can take him instantly. Beerus tells Whis to go with them and keep an eye on Goku. Goku doesn't have any formal wear so Whis will apologize on his behalf. He also tells Goku to not tell Zeno anything about Goku Black. Beerus finally tells Kaioshin to not die. Whis, Kaioshin and Goku teleport to see the Grand Priest who stands in front of the home of Zeno sama. Goku introduces himself.

Chapter 18

Whis apologizes for Goku's outfit as they were in a rush and the Grand Priest says that outfit is probably the nicest one he owns, to which Goku agrees. As they walk towards Zeno's quarters, Goku can sense the Grand Priest is very powerful. Whis says he is, but Goku must not be rude enough to challenge him to a fight. The Grand Priest is so powerful that not even Whis would stand a chance. Goku asks why not enlist his help against Goku Black. Whis explains that Angels must be neutral, which is Goku has never seen Whis fight except for when they're training. He won't be able to help even if our heroes are dying, if word got out to Zeno that he interfered, he would destroy Goku and the rest of the universe. 

Zeno Sama is happy to see Goku again and says he liked him from the first day he saw him and wants to be his friend. Goku is surprised and asks what would he do as his friend. Zeno jumps off his throne and walks towards him saying he wants to play. Goku asks if he was brought all this way to play and Zeno asks if that's bad. Kaioshin assures him that Goku is more than honored to be in in his presence and Zeno tells him to shut up.

Zeno asks Son Goku what he is trying to say and he says just calling him Goku is fine. Zeno Sama wants a nickname too and Goku asks if he likes Zen-Chan, which makes Kaiohshin pass out. Zeno likes the nickname. Goku asks if he was also called over about the tournament and Zeno says they can discuss that too but he wants to play now. Goku apologizes and says he's a bit busy and if he can wait to play later. Zeno's bodyguards speak up on his behalf, and Zeno gives them the cold stare, telling them to shut up or he will erase them. 

Goku says he'll return when he's done and he might bring along someone that he might like even more than him to play with. Goku also says the place does look a little boring so he should come visit them sometime. Zeno gives him a special button that can be used to summon him at any time. Goku picks up Kaioshin and bids him farewell for now. The Grand Priest tells Whis he met an interesting friend and even he's excited to see him again.

Elsewhere the Kaioshin of Universe 10 is done writing scripture and wonders where Zamasu is. Zamasu is currently visiting Lord Zuno, where he is told about how to summon the Dragonballs to grant his wish, and afterwards they spread out between two universes. Zamasu asks if he needs to gather all 7 of them, and Zuno says that is all the questions he will answer for now. Zamasu tells him he is speaking to a Kaioshin and he can destroy him in an instant if he wishes to. He asks again and Zuno confirms that he must collect all 7, but it will take a year for them to be ready again. Zamasu tells him that he will tell him the location of the Dragonballs.

Meanwhile Beerus is waiting for everyone to return and is glad to see Whis, Goku and Kaioshin arrived just fine. Whis says Goku mentioned bringing Zeno Sama a new friend and wondered who he had in mind. Goku didn't know and asks Whis if he knows anyone. Whis is surprised Goku just lied to Zeno, the Lord of Everything, and Goku said he only told him that so he would let them go back home. Kaioshin tells him of the dangerous situation he created if Zeno ever finds out. Goku says he'll figure it out later, and notices that Beerus has a lot of free time. Beerus angrily refuses. Whis says they must deal with the matter at hand and Beerus is determined to make Kibito talk. Kaiohshin asks Goku what is this Goku Black they keep talking about and Goku starts to explain. Just then Bulma arrives as she has been looking for them all.

Kaioshin is caught up in what happened in Trunks' future. Bulma tells the crew they have a visitor, who is Kibito. Kibito tells the gang there is an emergency and Lord Beerus is ready to destroy him then and there. Kaioshin gets in the way and tell him there's been a big misunderstanding. 

Kibito got a message from Zuno Sama that he was visited by a god named Zamasu asking about the Super Dragonballs in great detail. Kaioshin tells Beerus that Zamasu was a former Kaioh Sama or Universe 10 that is training to be the next Kaioshin. He also wanted to know a lot about Son Goku. Whis said maybe he saw a video of the recent Universal Tournament, and Beerus mentioned it was illegally uploaded to Godtube. Goku is confused because he never heard of this person. Kibito says Zamasu asked Zuno if it would be possible to switch bodies with that of a mortal with the powers of the Super Dragonballs. 

The gang figures out that Zamasu plans to switch bodies with Goku to become Goku Black. Bulma says that might be the story for this timeline but it might be different for Trunks. Trunks reminds everyone the Goku from his era died long ago. Whis says he might be able to use the Time Rings to travel to parallel worlds. Whis points to Kaioshin's earring and asks Trunks if he remember Goku Black wearing similar earrings. Trunks says he des, but only on one ear. Whis emits a colored orb and asks if the earring was that color, seeing as only Kaioshins can wear those types of earrings. Trunks remembers a previous battle with Goku Black and confirms it's the same color.

Bulma says that basically Zamasu is going to kill his master and use the Super Dragonballs to switch his body with Goku and then use the Time Rings to go to Trunks' timeline. Goku asks why he would go to that timeline. Whis explains in this timeline Beerus and all of Earth's warriors are still alive, it would be easier to take over a world where all of them are gone. Whis says they can't assume this world is safe, as Zamasu might be hiding somewhere in this world too. 

Beerus wants to go to Universe 10 to destroy Zamasu right now. Kaioshin says that will change the future and create yet another parallel world. Beerus says they have no choice because they are all going to die. Goku wants to come along, but since Zamasu wants to switch bodies with him it would be too dangerous for him to come along. Kaioshin is ready to take them, but Beerus says he actually has another favor to ask of him. 

Vegeta asks if Zamasu saw the tournament and wanted a strong body why didn't he come after him instead of Goku. Bulma says that's not the point. Vegeta also says Monaka was the one that won the tournament, why not him. Goku says maybe he didn't want to be in Monaka's body due to his big nipples. 

As Bulma and the others walk down the halls, they see Pilaf holding the fuel for the Time Machine. He says he just finished filling it up (but knowing him, who knows if he was just gonna steal it). Goku, Vegeta and Trunks are ready to go and plan to leave without waiting for Beerus and Whis to return. Bulma sighs and let them go. She tells them to return alive, no matter what.

Beerus and Whis arrive to visit the Kaiohshin from Universe 10, who is named Gowasu. They mentioned they came to see his apprentice, and while Zamasu does live there, he's been gone for a while. Gowasu mentions it's the first time he ever left without permission and he's beginning to worry. Beerus says in that case they will wait until he returns.

Goku makes sure he has senzu beans handy and the trio of Saiyans board the Time Machine. Present Trunks, Pilaf, Mai and Shou wish them luck as they go. They arrive in Trunks' desolate future and Goku gets airsick (or something) due to looking out the window as they traveled. Just then Goku Black detects their ki.

Goku detects Goku Black's ki off in the mountains and it's on the move. Trunks hides the Time Machine and just then sees the little black cat that lives in Capsule Corp. He follows it down the ruins of a destroyed building and quickly calls Goku for a senzu. He found Mai and she's still alive. Mai is unresponsive and Trunks places the Senzu in his mouth and gives it to her, mouth-to-mouth. Goku is surprised Trunks is doing something like that. Vegeta asked Goku if he's ever kissed anyone before, to which he says he hasn't. Vegeta is confused because Goku is married, and he asks what that has to do with anything. Vegeta says never mind.

I can't believe this nonsense made it here too. It was bad enough when the anime did it but the manga too??? I mean Goku is not only married but he has two kids with Chichi. If he wouldn't kiss her, Chichi would. Especially during their honeymoon phase before Raditz arrives.

Mai wakes up and Trunks hugs her tightly, glad she's still alive. Mai asks if Trunks was unable to make it back to the past. Trunks says he did succeed and now he's returned. She asks why he returned and Goku tells her he returned to help them defeat Goku Black. Mai is confused by Goku (it's probably been decades since she would last seen him when he was still a child) and Trunks explains that this is the real Goku he told her about and Vegeta is his father. Vegeta recognizes Mai as the 'future version of the brat that lives in his house'. Vegeta tells Trunks to stay behind to protect Mai and the Time Machine and they'll call him if he needs their help. At the worst case scenario, he wants them to return to the past.

Trunks is surprised from how his father is acting and Goku pokes fun at how much Vegeta had changed from the last time he saw him (Vegeta was anything but a family man back during the Cell Saga). Vegeta and Goku fly off to face the enemy and Trunks tells Mai he believes in them being able to defeat him.

Goku Black senses two powerful kis and wonder who they are. Goku and Vegeta wander around a destroyed and deserted town until they are finally face to face with Goku Black. Goku is surprised how he really does look just like him. Vegeta wants to go first, nothing excites him more than getting to fight someone that looks like Goku. 

Chapter 19

Goku and Vegeta confront Black and tell him they already know he is Zamasu that switched bodies with Goku. Zamasu is annoyed they know so much. Goku asked what happened to the Goku that he switched bodies with, and Zamasu says he disposed of him quickly. Zamasu asks how they got there since the Goku and Vegeta of this world died long ago. He also asks if Trunks is with them. Vegeta says they didn't come to talk, they came to fight and transforms into a Super Saiyan. 

Vegeta flies towards Black and lands some rapid attacks. Even though Black is fast enough to dodge and block them all, Vegeta is still strong enough to kick him a fair distance away. Goku says they never decided who was going to go first and Vegeta says he lost his patience the moment he saw his face. Goku says he doesn't feel like beating himself up anyway. Black gets up and says he's glad since he was tired of fighting against Trunks over and over again. Goku Black turns Super Saiyan and the fight continues.

Now this was a shock since in the anime Goku Black could only turn Super Saiyan Rose. 

Goku Black flies at Vegeta with a punch that the Saiyan Prince manages to block. He goes for a another punch but Vegeta flies upward out of the way. Goku Black sneers and fires a KameHame Ha at him. Vegeta waits til the last minute to zig-zag out of the way of the blast to fly at Black, landing a double fisted punch that send him flying back. Goku Black takes flight and Vegeta quickly catches up to him delivering more attacks that the villain either blocks or dodges.

As Vegeta continues to fight Goku Black, Mai and Trunks watch from a distance. Mai says since Black turned Super Saiyan this must mean he's been pushed into a corner. Trunks is still concerned that he's gotten stronger than the last time he fought him. Mai is confident they'll win since they have the real Goku on their side as well. 

Vegeta socks Goku Black across the face, sending him falling back to the ground. The Saiyan Prince then unleashes his favorite attack, a barrage of energy blasts causing explosions across the entire area. Vegeta tosses down an extra energy ball for good measure causing a huge explosion among the wreckage. As Vegeta lands and the smoke clears, Goku Black has protected himself in a forcefield. 

Vegeta sees why Trunks had trouble with him. Goku Black is surprised Vegeta can fight so hard and asks what era he is from Vegeta tells him to figure it out on his own. He also says the body he's using must be the future version of the current Goku, so he must be able to turn Super Saiyan Blue as well. Vegeta says that they should settle the fight in their ultimate forms.

Vegeta turns Super Saiyan Blue and tells Black to go ahead. Black says he can't turn into that yet, which surprises the real Goku. Vegeta starts smacking Black around saying Goku's body is the result of surviving many intense battles and it's wasted on someone like him. As Vegeta continues to bring on the pain he tells him only Goku can bring out his full potential, that is what Saiyans are made of. As Goku Black is sent to the ground again, he says he can't let them ruin his plan. He gets up and flies back towards Vegeta.

Back to Universe 10, Zamasu finally returns home where he is introduced to Beerus and Whis. Zamasu says he was busy helping out his former Kaioh Sama, but Beerus wastes no time in grilling him on seeing Zuno and asking about the Super Dragonballs and Son Goku. Zamasu says he saw the video about him and was curious. Beerus asks why he wanted to know if he could switch bodies with a mortal. Zamasu says he was only curious if it was even possible. Just then Universe 7 Kaioh Sama appears wearing a Time Ring. He has been to several futures and can confirm the evil deeds that Zamasu was about to commit. Gowasu can't believe it. Now Beerus sees a real reason to destroy him for his evil deeds. Zamasu smiles evily considering his evil deeds to be acts of justice.

In Trunks' future, Goku Black is sent flying smashing through several buildings. He gets up angrily saying that mortals aren't allowed to rule over themselves, they never stop killing until they destroy their planets. He says mortals are the epitome of evil and must be destroyed. Black says he will bring balance since he is justice.

Vegeta dodges all of his attacks and finally grabs his arm, calling him a joke. Vegeta says it doesn't matter if he's a god or a lord, it makes no difference to him, and he tosses him aside. Vegeta prepares to finish him off with an energy blast. Black says he killed the other gods. Goku says he didn't kill them himself, he just killed the Kaioshin and got rid of the others that way. Black says it doesn't change the fact that he's the only god left.

Vegeta asks 'so what'. Black says this means that he reigns supreme as he fires several energy attacks, which the Prince is able to easily dodge. Vegeta says they don't need a god to impose his twisted will upon them. Black says he is the supreme god, his will is absolute and everything he does is justice. As he yells this, he powers up creating a huge aura.

Back to Universe 10, Beerus says Zamasu's deeds are not justice and he is delusional. Zamasu says if his plans in the future succeeded, then he can't die now. He forms his energy blade and lashed out at Beerus, who easily catches his arm. Beerus says he has finally revealed his true nature and sets out his hand in front of him. Beerus destroys Zamasu, leaving nothing more than sand where he once stood.


Gowasu is shocked and asks why they did that. Universe 7 Kaioshin says he will explain after he takes Beerus and Whis back home. Whis says next time to choose an apprentice based on his heart rather than his strength. Beerus says the next time Gowasu picks a freak like that, he will destroy him too, or at least beat him up. Universe 7 Kaioshin tells Beerus and Whis that they need to hurry since he has something important to tell Goku and the others. 

Trunks and Mai catch up with Goku and tell them Black's Super Saiyan form is stronger than the last time he fought him. Goku says maybe he's been training and it looks like Vegeta pretty much has things handled, but Trunks still has a bad feeling about this. Goku tells Vegeta to forget his turn and just finish him off. Vegeta kicks Black away and says he wasn't going to give him a turn anyway.

With Goku Black unable to defend himself, Vegeta charges up a Final Flash to finish him off. Before the blast can hit him, someone grabs Goku Black and takes him away. As the blast leaves the planet, Vegeta and the others wonder who this second person can be.

Kaioshin tells Beerus and Whis that Zamasu was not working alone. He had an accomplice, the ultimate partner. 

The person heals up Black, saying that was close but it's part of him become the supreme god. Goku is surprised Black has a partner and Trunks had no idea and never seen this person before. The crew can sense that Black has now been healed from his injuries. Black's partner is another version of Zamasu himself, he says for the Zero Mortal Plan to work, they have to work together. 

Chapter 20

Goku, Vegeta, Trunks and Mai see Goku Black and his new partner. Trunks' recognizes the Kaioshin clothing and wonders if the other guy is Zamasu. Goku is confused because this would mean there are two Zamasus.

Kaioshin, Beerus and Whis find Bulma but she tells them that the Saiyans have already left to Trunks' future. Kaioshin explains that Goku Black is actually the Zamasu from the current timeline that had already switched bodies with Goku, but he has teamed up with the Zamasu of Trunks' future timeline as well. Elsewhere, Trunks has come to the same conclusion. Goku only understand that now they have two enemies to fight. Vegeta says they're still fleas to him.

Zamasu asks Black why Goku and Vegeta are there, and he doesn't know. He does note that Trunks is here and that Mai survived. Zamasu was away since he was checking on the other parallel worlds, they will have no trouble eliminating all mortals from those worlds when compared to this one. Just then Zamasu notices that a new ring was created. Vegeta appears behind them and tells them Beerus probably killed present day Zamasu so that created a parallel world where he no longer exists. Black now figures that Goku and Vegeta are from the past and they will not pose a threat since there isn't room for them in the future. Vegeta says they'll be the ones disappearing.

Vegeta flies in to punch Black, who flies away to avoid it. They both take to the sky but Black is now able to avoid all of Vegeta's attacks. Black fires off several blasts that Vegeta also avoids and flies around to attack him from behind. Suddenly Black is in front of him, ready to blast him. Goku notices that Vegeta is now getting attacked. 

Goku Black explains he was expecting to gain all of Goku's power upon switching bodies, but he was wrong. He couldn't even turn Super Saiyan at first. He soon learned the true nature of the Saiyans. Trunks tells Mai that he means that Saiyans can get stronger if they are able to recover from near death experiences.

In the current timeline, Kaioshin explains this to Beerus and Whis. He also says this is why Black teamed up with his other self, anyone trained as a former Kaioh Sama can heal people as quickly as Kibito can. By repeating this process, Goku Black can increase his strength which explains why he went to visit parallel worlds.

Vegeta is down and out and Goku rushes over to give him a Senzu Bean. Vegeta eats it and flies back up to continue the fight with Black. Mai says they just would have give Vegeta a Senzu every time he's down. Vegeta and Black trade punches, but Vegeta seems to get the worst of it. Black hits him in the gut and then kicks him back down to the ground. Trunks tells Mai that Goku and Vegeta probably can't use that ability because at this point they probably already hit their limits.

Goku Black tells Vegeta that his level is perfect for helping him increase his strength. Zamasu lands behind him and heals him up. Black says the more his damaged cells regenerate, the more the soul of a god and the body of a Saiyan become one in the same. As he heals, he tells them his power has reached new heights and they have no way to save themselves. Black begins to power up. Black transforms and has pink hair. Zamasu says when a deity surpasses Super Saiyan God their hair turns crimson. Black is impressed and says he'll stick with their naming customs and call this form Super Saiyan Rose.

Goku tells Vegeta that they should start working together. Vegeta says he can handle it, but tells him to take care of Zamasu since they'll never get anywhere if he can just keep healing him up. Goku calls out Zamasu as his opponent and he agrees. Goku and Zamasu fly to the top of two buildings.

Vegeta and Goku Black continue their fight as Goku turns Super Saiyan Blue and fights Zamasu. After a short exchange, Goku determines Zamasu isn't as powerful as Black and will finish this now. Zamasu uses telekinesis to throw objects at Goku like barrels, a sewer lid and pieces of wood. Goku easily dodges them all and Zamasu hurls a broken lamp post with sharp edges, which Goku easily swats back at him. Zamasu is impaled by the lamp post.

Goku says he has a chance, he can use the Dragonballs to put everything as it once was. Zamasu pulls the lamp post out and his body is healed from the wound. He says the Dragonballs no longer exist since he destroyed them after his wish. He knows he is weaker than the others but he can't lose his position as a god in exchange for strength. Instead he wished himself to be immortal.

Goku says that's not fair. Zamasu makes Goku's bag of senzu beans appear in his hand and burns it to ashes. He says the gods have their own way of fighting as he freezes Goku up, raises him to the ground and drops him down violently. Goku Black beats Vegeta down saying it doesn't matter what world they come from, nothing will stop their Zero Mortal Plan as it will be carried out to all worlds. Trunks runs to his father's aid, who is now unconscious and back to his base form.

Trunks tells Goku they need to retreat, if this continues they will all die. Zamasu and Black decide it's about time to finally kill Trunks. Black thanks Trunks for helping him achieve this level of strength. Trunks tells Goku and Mai to cover their eyes and he uses the Tai Yo Ken to blind Zamasu and Black. Once the blinding flash of light is gone, they notice that the heroes are gone. 

Goku and the rest escape through the sewers as Trunks mentioned that Gohan taught him the technique a long time ago. Trunks says this went beyond anything he was ready for, he didn't count on Black having and ally and for him to be immortal. Goku mentions that long before he was born the world was attacked by a powerful monster (Piccolo Daimaoh) and at the time the only ones that could fight him off were Master Roshi and his master Mutaito. They managed to deal him away in a rice cooker with a technique called the MaFuBa. They can get Master Roshi to teach them how to do it. Trunks says it seems their only option is to seal them away, so they need to return to their timeline and do this. 

Black and Zamasu can't locate the heroes, since the Saiyans are good at hiding their ki. However Mai doesn't know how to do that and Goku Black senses her ki. He takes Zamasu's hand and they teleport to their location where Mai is hiding under a blanket, presumably with the others. The gods tell them it's no use hiding. Mai cocks her gun and kicks the blanket away, revealing dummies in their place. 

Trunks leaps in from behind and rams his sword through Zamasu and punches Black away. He tells them it's already too late and the others have gotten away. Goku and Vegeta are in the Time Machine. Black is about to blast it out of the sky but Trunks punches him away. Black grabs Trunks by the face and slams him down, telling him not to get too cocky. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees the Time Machine vanish. He says it's all up to them now.

My Opinions-

Man, this was a very fun read. While the previous arcs were mostly trimming things down and had more of a 'get on with it' feel, it feels a lot more care was put into the Goku Black arc. I'm not sure if it was the case of Toriyama giving Toyotaro and Toei Animation the same general outline and they both went in different directions to fill in the gaps, or if this the power of hindsight but things seem better organized here. The arc already starts explaining the theory of parallel worlds, which make sense because that's how time travel works in Dragonball, but reminds anyone that forgot how the Cell Saga went down. Cell also went through a lot of time travel shenanigans to achieve his Perfect Form as well, and Beerus destroying Zamasu of modern day was similar to Krillin and Trunks destroying present day larva Cell in Gero's lab. It might not solve the current problem, but it does get rid of them and prevent them from causing problems down the line in some other timeline. 

The manga shows a little more of the fight Trunks, Kaioshin and Kibito when eventually Babidi and Darbura would show up. We got the extra detail that with Kaioshin dying, Lord Beerus would die too, which I don't remember being mentioned in the anime, or at least not at that point. One always wondered what would have happened whenever Trunks' timeline would enter their version of the Buu Saga, and it's cool to see the anime and manga address it.

We also see Goku Black be not as powerful as he started out in the anime, already matching Super Saiyan Goku in his base form. It was surprising to see Goku Black turn Super Saiyan since in the anime he could only go straight to Super Saiyan Rose. While the anime he kinda kept it hidden as a surprise, in the manga he actually had to earn it, in a matter of speaking. Another surprise was the mention of the long forgotten 'zenkai boost' that Saiyans would get in the the Saiyan and Freeza saga, and how Zamasu would continue to heal Goku Black to take advantage of that.

It was fun to see Vegeta do most of the fighting. It's funny how in the manga it was Vegeta and Black that traded punches, while in the anime it was Goku. In the anime, Black's Time Ring pulled him to our timeline for a short moment so we got a short Black VS Goku fight before time would readjust itself and pull Black back. I really wish, however, that the manga left out the 'Goku doesn't know what a kiss is' part. Again, it makes no sense, the dude is married and has two kids and like I said, even if Goku wouldn't kiss Chichi, she sure as hell would have kissed him.

Since the manga goes straight to the point, the gang chills out at Bulma's overnight while the time machine charges up. It's funny that after all years of non-canon though official art of Goku playing videogames, he actually enjoyed a round of some Mario Kart clone with the gang.

The Dragonball Super anime did go longer into the filler, and though it dragged the story out, it was entertaining to see Future Trunks discover that Krillin actually married Android 18 and had a kid with her. Trunks also got to see that Gohan lived on, got married and also became a family man. Seeing that Goku and Vegeta escaped in the Time Machine without Trunks, it doesn't look like this is going to happen in the manga. It's a shame because I would have loved to have seen how the mange version would have handled those scenes.

The anime also had Mai lead some resistance military fighters, trying their best to keep Goku Black at bay. We don't see any of that here and the story sticks mostly to Goku, Vegeta, Trunks and Mai. I have to say Trunks using the Taiyo Ken so they could escape from Black and Zamasu was way better than the anime using smoke bombs that would have meant nothing to a pair of literal gods.

The only nitpick with the manga was how they used the term Dragonballs and Super Dragonballs interchangeably which would sometimes be confusing. Probably the weirdest one was when Goku told Zamasu he should use the Dragonballs to restore everything to normal, when the Dragonballs don't exist in Trunks' timeline after the Androids killed Piccolo long ago. Then Zamasu says he destroyed the Dragonballs after making his wish and I understood they were referring to the Super Dragonballs. I mean, as far as Zamasu knows, he would only know about those and not even know that Earth used to have their own set, or anything about Planet Namek.

The story is getting very exciting and I can't wait to read the next volume. See you guys next time. The funny part is, I got some new Dragonball figures in the mail today, those 'random select' kinda figures where you don't know what you're gonna get. I was hoping one of them would be Kefla, but it just so happened that one of them was Goku Black.

Goku Black does look a little funny though, but most of the characters in that set kinda do.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Dragonball Super manga Volume 2

 By Mark Rodriguez

It's been a while since I reviewed manga, mostly because I like to go for the entire volume instead of individual chapters (that would take longer). Unlike most manga series, especially for one as popular as Dragonball, the Super manga was actually made after the series had already started, so there was the benefit of hindsight. The first manga volume went into the Battle of Gods arc (though it skipped a lot of Bulma's party shenanigans) and skipped the Resurrection F arc (it acknowledged it happened, but it assumed you seen the movie anyway) and goes into the Tournament 6 arc. One noticeable thing is when Goku's friends and family came along to see the fights, Pilaf, Mai and Shou were also invited.

The last volume left off with Goku facing off against Frost from Universe 6. Frost is very similar to Freeza, but is regarded a hero where he comes from. After going through his transformations, he finally goes for his final form, which is similar to Freeza's final form. 

Chapter 10

Goku is pleased to see Frost in his final form and says now the fight begins. Frost and Goku (who is in his Super Saiyan form) both power up. Frost lunges himself at Goku and jumps into a handstand, using his arms to propell himself high above the arena. Frost throws a fireball, which Goku easily swats aside. Frost tried again with the same result. He then starts tossing a flurry of fireballs, all of which are easily smacked aside by the Super Saiyan. The fireballs explode all over the place against the protective dome that is surrounding the arena. Frost flies in and tries to shoot at point blank range but Goku manages to grab both of his arms.

Goku kicks Frost upwards, making him slam his back against the protective dome. Goku and Frost both exchange blows at fast speeds, until Goku decides to fly towards him. Frost holds out his hands and stops Goku in his tracks with a force wave. Goku blocks it to avoid any damage and says its his turn. As Goku thrusts his own hands outwards to send his own shockwave, Frost blocks but is almost pushed out of the ring.

Frost smiles and tells Goku he was better than expected, but he's not going to lose this match. He flies over to continue the attack but Goku smacks him back. Frost catches himself and flies in with a punch but completely misses as Goku sidesteps.

Goku then hits him with a chop to the back that almost knocks him out. Frost is on his knees and Goku tells him it's over but if he trains some more he can get stronger like Freeza did and he would welcome a rematch. 

Frost grins and throws a punch at Goku, who easily blocks it with his wrist. However, Goku feels odd when he did that. Suddenly Frost kicks Goku strong enough to send him flying against the barrier outside the ring. As Goku collides against the barrier, he falls out of his Super Saiyan form and hits the ground, outside of the ring. The announcer declares Goku out of bounds and says Frost is the winner. 

All of Goku's friends are shocked to see this. Chichi runs to Goku's side, who is surprised that he lost the match. Goku thanks Frost for the fight, who gladly thanks him back. Piccolo asks Goku what happened since he was clearly dominating the fight. Goku says he's not sure but he fainted when he blocked the attack. Vegeta says he was stupid for letting him attack him at all, and must have gotten brain damage. The Galactic King is impressed and wished he had people like Goku and Frost on their force, but Jaco notices something amiss.

Piccolo is up next, and he asks Goku if he has a shot at winning. Goku tells him never in a million years but at least he can wear him out for Vegeta. Piccolo says sometimes Goku is too honest and is annoyed he's only there as a warm up. He tells Frost if he can at least use one of his lower forms to make it easier on him. Frost said he's rather stay in his final form throughout the rest of the tournament to win as fast as he can. 

Frost flies in to attack but Piccolo leaps out of the way. Just as Frost shoots upwards to get him, Piccolo has already landed behind him. Piccolo is too fast and is able to dodge all of the fireballs. Champa asks if Piccolo is a Namekian and Vados says he might be something more. Piccolo says he's not Namekian but the reincarnation of Piccolo Daimaoh and drops his weighted cape and turbin. Piccolo says he can't defeat Frost but he also knows Frost can't defeat him.

Piccolo extends one of his arms at rapid speed, leaving Frost to quickly dodge it. Goku is impressed and Vegeta says Piccolo is still fighting on the defensive. Goku says Frost is losing energy and Piccolo is worse for wear too, however Frost is starting to lose his temper.

Piccolo and Frost are both winded, and even though Piccolo maintains a cocky grin, Frost doesn't want this to continue. Frost clutches his wrist and goes in to throw more punches which Piccolo easily dodges. He then throws a decisive punch, which Piccolo catches with an open palm. Piccolo suddenly feels off and Frost hits him with a palm strike strong enough to send him out of the ring. With Piccolo being out of bounds, Frost is the winner. Vegeta is confused since this is exactly what happened to Goku. 

Vegeta prepares himself to fight and Goku tells him to be careful since Frost might be better than they thought. Vegeta says he just needs to worry about his mysterious technique. Just before the announcer can say that Vegeta will be the next to fight, Jaco stands up and calls for an objection. 

Jaco tells the announcer that Frost is cheating and using a weapon. He tells him to check his right arm, he's hiding something similar to a needle. Champa says if Jaco is wrong, he'll be turned to space dust. Jaco sits and says 'never mind' but Beerus insists on testing that theory. The announcer checks Frost's arm and finds a small hole above his wrist. A needle pricks the announcer's finger and he falls over for a few seconds. Frost insists this is a natural part of his body but the announcer says he can tell it was attached. Frost is disqualified for cheating.

Champa is furious at Frost, but he doesn't care. He just wanted to get the tournament over with since he wasn't getting paid for this. Champa is about to destroy him. However Vegeta says they don't need to disqualify him. He can take care of Frost with his own bare hands.

Chapter 11

The announcer is confused that Vegeta wants to fight Frost, even though Piccolo's loss was now redacted and he's still next. Vegeta says Piccolo wishes to forfeit and Piccolo nods. Champa says they can do whatever they want. Beerus calls Goku over and shows them the mark left when he also got pricked by the poison needle, so he should also be placed back in. Vegeta insists he's going next and that Goku can hop in last. Beerus insists that Monaka must be last so their order will be Vegeta, then Goku and finally Monaka. The announcer agrees to their line up. 

Frost tells Vegeta not to regret his decision and Vegeta tells him not to worry about that. Vegeta turns Super Saiyan and dashes at him with a swinging chop that Frost manages to block. He then throws a punch that Frost blocks as well. Vegeta kicks Frost back and suddenly grabs him, bringing him in for a knee to the gut. The impact sends Frost flying back. Vegeta extends his arm and sends a shock wave that knocks Frost out of the air and out of bounds.

Vegeta tells the announcer not to worry, he knows he will lose if he actually kills Frost. With Frost confirmed alive, Vegeta wins the fight. The next match begins which will be Vegeta and huge robot-looking guy named Otta Magetta. Magetta chugs a container full of oil and throws it away. He then lets off lots of steam. Vegeta is wondering what this guy is.

Roh Kaioshin asks the Universe 6 Kaioshin if he's sure Magetta isn't just a robot. The Universe 6 Kaioshin tells him he's a metal man from galactic system 66950, and surely Universe 7 must have someone like him. Universe 7 Kaioshin thinks so and his ancestor tells him he needs to study more.

The fight begins and Vegeta flies in with a punch that actually hurts his hand. Just then Magetta swings his huge metal arm down and clocks him on the head. Vegeta falls and notices he's about to be stomped on by Magetta's tank treads type feet. Vegeta quickly rolls out of the way and takes to the sky. He lets out a powerful energy blast that hits Magetta to do nothing. As the smoke clear, the blast did nothing, and Magetta lets out more steam.

Goku yells out for Vegeta to try pushing him out of the ring or maybe picking him up. Vegeta decides to give it a try, even turning Super Saiyan, but he can't lift the heavy mountain of steel. Vegeta gets bashed upside the head for his trouble. Beerus tells Goku that Metal Men weight at least 1000 tons and  Piccolo says this fight won't be like the fight he had against Botamo.

Vegeta is angry for having listened to Goku, however he doesn't many options since Magetta can take all his attacks. Vegeta starts shooting off multiple fireballs, destroying the platform and exposing the ground underneath. Magetta runs from the attacks and Vegeta says he will destroy the entire platform, which would force him to be out of bounds. Just then Magetta opens his mouth and spits boiling oil that works it way past the fireballs and towards Vegeta. 

Vegeta dodges it and asks the announcer if that's not cheating. The announcer says that's Magetta's spit so it's not breaking the rules. Vegeta is disgusted he's fighting him using his spit and calls Magetta a piece of iron trash. Magetta hears this and freezes up. One of Vegeta's fireballs hits him and he falls out of bounds. Everyone is surprised. Whis explains that Metal Men are very sensitive people, insults can render them too depressed to fight. 

Chichi offers sliced watermelon for everyone to enjoy. Meanwhile Vados repairs the ring so it's good as new. The next opponent is Cabba, which is a fellow Saiyan from Universe 6 and Vegeta is very anxious to face him.

Chapter 12

Cabba flies out at Vegeta, but phases out of view and appears behind him with a chop. Vegeta manages to block and Cabba phases out again. This time he appears behind Vegeta and kicks him on the back of his knee. He then appears on top of Vegeta, stomping on his chest to knock him down. Vegeta manages his composure and Cabba takes to the sky, using the sun behind him to blind him. Cabba flies down landing a kick on his chest, finally sending Vegeta to the arena floor.

Cabba fires up an energy blasts and shoots it at Vegeta. Vegeta quickly flips out of the way and flies up at him. Cabba, still in his energy-blasting pose, manages to see Vegeta a split second before he gets kicked in the face and sent flying down. 

Cabba crashed into the ring as Vegeta lands. Vegeta says he is quite strong, possibly as strong as him in his regular form, but now he wants him to transform into a Super Saiyan to he can come at him with everything. Cabba is confused and says he doesn't know to transform and didn't even think that was possible until now. Cabba humbly asks Vegeta how to do that, and this enrages the Saiyan Prince. Vegeta turns into a Super Saiyan and socks him in the gut.

Vegeta calls Cabba a spoiled brat and starts kicking him around and stomping his face. Bulma says he doesn't have to be cruel and Videl covers Pan's eyes. Cabba admits his defeat and Vegeta grabs him, telling him that if he gives up here, then he will kill him. Yamcha is wondering if Vegeta is turning evil again. Vegeta throws Cabba across the ring.

Vegeta powers up and fires off a finish blast, similar to what he used to kill Nappa way back in the day. He says there isn't room in this universe for weak Saiyans, and after he kills Cabba he'll go destroy planet Sadala and kill all the Saiyans there too. Cabba gets furious and says his planet has nothing to do with this and turns Super Saiyan, taking the blast head on without taking damage. 

Cabba starts attacking Vegeta saying if he destroys Sadala, he will never forgive him. Vegeta tells him that the key to the transformation is his rage, and to never forget that. Cabba turns back to normal and realizes Vegeta did this to help him. Vegeta tells him to try turning into a Super Saiyan again. Cabba closes his eyes and concentrates and is able to transform again. Vegeta is impressed and then turns Super Saiyan Blue.

Cabba is confused by the blue hair. Vegeta says the Super Saiyan Blue is the latest form, and if he trains hard enough he can be this powerful as well. Vegeta them elbows him in the gut, knocking him out. Vegeta carries Cabba off and tosses him out of bounds, where Botamo can catch him. Goku wonders why Vegeta taught him that and Piccolo says he is a Prince, so maybe he was nostalgic to meet one of his own.

Cabba thanks Vegeta and Vegeta tells him to never forget the pride of the Saiyans. There is one last opponent left to go for Universe 6, and that is Hit, the living legend of the underworld. Champa is surprised he even agreed to enter the tournament. Vados says she told him he could keep the Cube Spaceship as payment. Champa says he could literally go anywhere in it, even other universes, but it's too late now to take that back. 

Vegeta powers up to Super Saiyan Blue from the start as Hit stands there looking cold, his hands in his pockets. The Saiyan finally flies into action. Moments before his fist could touch Hit's face however, suddenly Hit has his arm fully extended and Vegeta is the one taking the punch. Everyone is surprised Vegeta hits the ground. The Saiyan flies back in with another attack but is suddenly kicked out of the air.

As Hit continues to attack Vegeta, while Vegeta continues to miss his own strikes, Goku asks the others what's going on. Jaco says the most he can see is that Hit is indeed moving very fast but he seems to literally disappear in the middle of his movements. Vegeta is finally down and out. Hit asks the announcer what to do since killing it allowed but Vegeta is now unable to admit defeat. The announcer says that's enough and declares Hit the winner. Goku tells Krillin to give Vegeta a senzu bean quickly.

The Galactic King thinks Hit might be using time skips. Jaco explains some people in the universe can stop time for only .01 seconds, which might not be much but is a big advantage for someone as fast as Hit. The King says it's a crime to control time like that. Goku asks if they plan to arrest him. Both the King and Jaco say they'll act like they didn't see anything since they don't want to die. As Goku walks past Vegeta, the Saiyan Prince has no advise to give and only wishes him luck.

Whis is impressed someone besides himself can manipulate time, and Beerus tells him to go tell Goku how to handle that. Whis says part of the training is for Goku to figure it out himself. Beerus says their universe is at stake and Whis reminds him that they still have Monaka. Beerus tells him to stop being a jerk since he knows the truth. Whis says to motivate Goku and Vegeta, he lied to them and Monaka is a regular guy without any fighting skill. Piccolo is able to overhear this due to his enhanced hearing. He now understands that the actual final battle is going to be between Goku and Hit.

Goku bows respectfully and says he'll do his best. Hit asks if he's not going to transform. Goku says it's too soon since it requires a lot of energy. He wants to stall Hit first while he figures out how to beat him. Hit says he's na├»ve to reveal his strategy. Goku says he's actually quite old and Hit says he's 1000 years old. Goku bows again and calls him respectful elder. The Universe 6 Kaoshin is surprised Goku can get so much out of Hit, considered he's usually a very quiet individual. 

Goku leaps in to attack and gets socked in the face by Hit, almost sending him out of the ring. Hit says he might as well surrender now. Goku says he won't but now he has an idea on how to defeat him.

Chapter 13

Hit says Goku is bluffing and he'll never be able to see through his movements. Goku leaps into battle again and gets socked in the face. As Hit is about to put his hand back into his pocket, Goku leap right back at him. Hit is able to just barely dodge Goku's rapid punches and even gets grazed on the side of the face. Goku says he managed to make a little bit of contact that time, and Hit wipes the blood off his cheek saying it won't happen again. 

Goku moves in to attack Hit again. Hit is able to phase through Goku's kick. Goku raises his fist behind him and clocks Hit in the jaw as he makes his appearance. Hit is surprised. Goku says he can go .01 seconds into the future, so he just need to predict where he would move to during that time. Hit asks why Goku told him that since he can move in ways that can't be predicted. Goku says he puts his hands in his pockets to mask his movements because once he does something he can't change his movement. Piccolo says Goku is an idiot for revealing his strategy. 

Goku turns Super Saiyan and says the fun begins now. Hit asks if Goku will turn Super Saiyan Blue, but he says he will save that for later. Hit takes his hands out of his pockets and finally adopts a proper fighting stance, saying Goku is underestimating him. 

Goku and Hit start fighting, each of them phasing out of the way of each others' attacks. Goku finally lands a kick that Hit manages to block. Hit says that if Goku can predict his movements then he will have to travel farther into the future then. Goku says he will just have predict his moves even faster then.

Both fighters clash at intense speeds all over the arena, including the air. At this point Roshi can't even tell what's happening anymore. Champa is worried this isn't going anywhere but Vados points out that Hit's time skip doesn't take a lot out of him but Goku is starting to look tired. As they stop for a bit, Hit states that Goku is slowing down a little and asks where all his energy has gone. 

Goku admits he's getting too worn so he has no choice but to transform. Hit is surprised that Goku has red hair now, since he decided to transform into Super Saiyan God. Vegeta is saying Goku should skip straight to Super Saiyan Blue already. 

The fight resumes and Hit is unable to attack Goku, and gets socked in the face. Hit is surprised, his time skip was less than the .01 seconds. Goku comes in and manages to smash Hit over the head with a double-axehandle. This time his time skip was even shorter. Whis tells Beerus that Hit's ability only works on people at his skill level or lower, Goku has finally surpassed him. The Super Saiyan Blue can only be used a few times a day since it consumes a lot of energy, at this point Goku can perform better at Super Saiyan God than Vegeta could in Super Saiyan Blue. Hit overhears this and notices how the difference in skill has grown.

Hit braces himself and them lets out a yell. Hit's ki raises immensely as he's now fighting at his full power. He never had to do this before since his time skip would usually end fights quickly. At this point Hit would barely be able to last a minute and can only use the time skip once, but he says it will be enough to end this. Hit puts his hands back into his pockets and is ready to end this. 

Goku flies towards Hit and it seems like the assassin was able to use his time skip moments before Goku's fist could hit him. However Goku appears right beside him, this time finally using Super Saiyan Blue. Goku says he broke through his time skip and kicks him into the air. The Saiyan powers up and puts everything into a KameHame Ha that actually blasts through the dome. However, Hit managed to dodge to the side. 

The vacuum of space starts sucking up everyone and Vados quickly fixes the hole in the dome. Hit lands and is very impressed. Goku says Hit's an assassin so he probably has some killing techniques he's not allowed to use. Hit asks what if that's true. Goku starts walking backwards and says they should fight again at another time. Goku steps out of the ring, making Hit the winner.

Goku says he didn't want to miss the chance to see Monaka in action. Beerus calls Goku an idiot. Vegeta asks Goku why he did that if he could have won the fight. Goku says Vegeta might have won as well had he saved energy for the Super Saiyan Blue form. He asks why he turned Super Saiyan against Cabba. Vegeta says he couldn't help set him on the right path.

Monaka bravely steps up to face Hit, even though he is literally shaking in his boots. Beerus yells that he's done for, and Hit understands the situation. Monaka runs at Hit and meekly punches him in the knee. Hit throws himself out of bounds, throwing the fight. Everyone is shocked and only Goku thinks that Monaka is truly amazing. Monaka is officially the winner of the Universal Tournament. 

Hit thinks to himself that this makes him even with Son Goku. Champa is furious and Hit says he doesn't want the cube spaceship anymore, he just wants to go home. Beerus calls over to Champa who thinks he's just rubbing it in, but he points out that Zeno, the Lord of Everything himself has arrived. Beerus, Champa, Whis, Vados and the Kaioshins quickly go to bow and show their respect.

Zeno says that this tournament was held without his permission. However, he was entertained and decided he might want to run his own tournament eventually but with all the universes. Goku is excited and offers him a handshake as a way to promise this event. Everyone is shocked, including Zeno's bodyguards, but Zeno shakes his hand happily and promises to hold this event. Zeno and his bodyguards leave while everyone is relieved. Beerus tells Goku that Zeno can wipe an entire universe from existence in the blink of an eye if he felt like it.

The Super Dragonballs are gathered, the last one being the planet they were actually on, and Super Sheng Long is as huge as a planet himself. Beerus made his wish but kept it secret from the others. As Champa's crew head back home, Vados notices that the Earth in their universe has returned and the humans there are also able to create delicious dishes. Champa says Beerus is always annoying him. Whis comments on how nice that was of Beerus and the God of Destruction says he only did it so Champa would owe him a favor later. 

Goku is excited about the multiverse tournament coming up and also wants to fight Monaka. Beerus says to stay away as Monaka is their most prized warrior. As the heroes fly home in their own ship, their fight is far from over. 

Chapter 14

The story opens as we see a person running through the ruins of a deserted city. As the wind blows, we see a newspaper with the headline of Android 17 and Android 18 being dead, and the war finally being over. As get a better look at the person we see this is Future Trunks, but even with the Androids being destroyed at his hands, the world still looks bleak. He notices a rock fall of a building and walks away, when suddenly an explosion send him flying into one of the abandoned torn down buildings.

Fireballs come from the sky and Trunks does his best to avoids them. He fires back an energy blast, destroying a nearby building as water spills from a busted pipe. As the smoke clears the blast went clear through the building. Suddenly energy starts forming from within the building and Trunks sees this is bad, as the resulting explosion was so huge it could be seen from miles away. The explosion leaves a crater in the middle of the city as Trunks lays low until it's safe.

Later on Trunks enters a building and meets up with Mai, now grown up as an adult (for a second time, I guess). As Trunks sits down and drinks some water, Mai asks her what happened to Bulma. Trunks says his mother went to clean the dust off the solar panels and was caught. Trunks laments the loss of his mother and Mai holds him close, allowing him to grieve. 

Mai says she found something good, canned meat. Trunks eats up but gives her half since they both need to survive no matter what. Thanks to Bulma they finally got enough energy to power up the time machine, but it will be a one way trip. Trunks wants to go back 17 years, at a time where his father and the rest of the gang are still alive in a parallel world.

Meanwhile, Bulma and Jaco are discussing a parallel world that gets created whenever someone uses a time machine. Goku and Vegeta are sparring in mid-air. Beerus and Whis are enjoying some food. Kid Trunks and Pilaf are taking class. Jaco tells Bulma that using a time machine to create alternate worlds is a crime and he knows from Tights (Bulma's sister) that she was doing illegal research. Bulma says she was doing research and won't actually build anything as long as things stay this peaceful. She also asks why he didn't do anything about Hit's time skip ability and Jaco says it's an exception since his ability doesn't actually alter the past.

The most interesting thing was Tights actually being there in person. 

Tights asks what they mean by changing the past, and Jaco has trouble explaining the concept. Just then the class begins for Trunks, Pilaf, Mai and Shou, which so happens to be about parallel worlds. The teacher uses a picture of Trunks as an example and calls him A. She explains that A wants to share his red bean buns with his mom in the past, back when she was a kid, so he travels back in time to do so. However his mom in the past chokes on the red bean buns and dies. Now this creates a parallel world where A's mom would never meet his future dad so A would never exist, at the same time that A still exists in his world. The teacher noticed she was reading a book meant for a university class and goes back to simple math.

Bulma asks Whis about the time they faced Golden Freeza and he turned back time three minutes before the villain could destroy the Earth. She asks if this means there was a parallel world where the Earth really was destroyed. Whis says he only turned back a time a bit but didn't change anything, but he can't do that again for a very long time so he doesn't disrupt time. Beerus asks why she's so worried since it's not a trick humans can replicate. 

Back to the alternate future, Mai asks Trunks why they need to go back specifically 17 years. Trunks says this was the time the time machine was created so they can't go back beyond that. Mai knows he used the time machine before so he could destroy the Androids which gave them a few years of peace before the new threat arrived. Trunks says they don't have much time since this threat can sense ki, something the warriors in the other timeline were also good at. Trunks hands Mai her gun and they're ready to head off.

Back to our world, the food was ready so Goku and Vegeta join the rest to eat. Whis notices that both of them are good at controlling their ki, especially Goku when he was fighting with Hit. He says it's a good advantage but not something he should always rely on. Goku asked why Beerus was so scared of Zeno when he couldn't even feel his ki. Whis explains he can destroy entire universes on a whim and explains there actually used to be 18 universes at one time. Vegeta notices just how close things were due to how Goku acted around Zeno.

Jaco is going to head off in a new stylish spaceship. He got it from the Galactic King to make sure he doesn't tell anyone what he saw at the tournament. Bulma says it's hush money over Hit's time skip ability and Tights wants a ride. 

Back to the dark future, Trunks and Mai go through a sewer until they arrive right outside Capsule Corp. The door is locked so Trunks blasts it open. Just then he senses the new enemy standing on top of the building behind them. Trunks fires off a shot at him and runs inside with Mai. However due to the Capsule Corp building not having much of a ceiling left, the villain can still see them and shoots some fireballs at them. Trunks says this guy can sense their ki and grabs Mai, diving out of the line of fire. He tells her to run to the time machine without him. Trunks pulls out his sword and says he'll hold him off as long as he can.

Trunks flies off the face the threat and is quickly attacked and sent back to the ground. The person lands in front of Trunks and tells him he won't hide from him this time. Mai opens fire on him and tells Trunks that he's the one that needs to go. The person fires off an energy blast towards Mai. The railing near her explodes and she falls onto a pile of rubble. Trunks dashes off to get the debris off and her and holds her tight as it looks like she has fallen as well. The villain walks towards Trunks saying he's next. As starts to spill from a nearby drum and starts catching fire, the villain is revealed to be Goku, but looking evil.

Chapter 15

Trunks is enraged that this evil Goku had killed Mai and turns Super Saiyan. He fires off a Masenko, and even though Goku blocks it, it pushes him outside of the building. Trunks appears above him ready to swing his sword down on him, similar to how he once killed Freeza, and Goku gets out of the way. Trunks stabs the sword into the ground and leaves it there as he suddenly flies into him, punching him hard in the gut. Trunks follows up with rapid punches that Goku blocks, and then he blasts him back.

As Trunks is sent flying back, he catches onto his sword and pulls it out with a huge chunk of concrete still stuck on it. Trunks swings his sword and hurls the concrete slab towards the villain. Goku uses his teleport ability to get out of the way and hits Trunks from behind. As Trunks hits the ground, this evil version of Goku is determined to kill him with his own sword, telling him there is no hope. Trunks hears the words of his mother and Mai, both telling him to live and he is their hope.

Trunks swings his sheathe around, knocking the sword out of evil Goku's hands. Trunks then fires off a blast that sends him to the sky so he can catch his sword. Goku clears the smoke and notices that Trunks had run back into the Capsule Corp building, wondering what's in there. Trunks suddenly breaks through the side of the building in the time machine. Goku thinks its a weird aircraft and that Trunks is now too weak to fly on his own. He prepares to destroy it with a KameHame Ha. The villain fires off his energy attack and the time machine vanishes just in time. This evil version of Goku is left confused as to what happened.

Goku and Vegeta continue to spar, and Beerus tells Goku at that rate he'll never become a God of Destruction. Goku tells him he doesn't want to be one of those. Beerus says it's fun, you don't work too much, sleep as much as you want, and destroy an unnecessary planet once in a while. Goku said he'd never do something as terrible as that, and he gets socked in the face by Vegeta who tells him to keep his focus on the fight. Goku is sent flying towards Beerus and Whis, but Beerus flicks his tail, sending Goku into the nearby pool. Beerus says that's what he gets for insulting his line of work.

The teacher tells Trunks, Pilaf, Mai and Shou that they can take a break and eat some food. Just then the time machine appears behind them. Bulma, Goku and Vegeta think it looks very familiar. Kid Trunks flies up and sees there's someone injured inside. Bulma asks him if this person has the same colored hair he has. Trunks says he does. Bulma asks Goku for a senzu bean.

Goku teleports over to the Korin Temple and gets some senzus from Korin and Yayirobe, who are playing Twister. Korin asks if something bad happened again and Goku says it's too soon to tell. He asks them if the game they're playing fun and Korin says it's a bit boring with only two people. 

Bulma sees that Trunks is barely injured, and Kid Trunks wonders why this guy looks so much like him. Pilaf and his crew wonder if it's a brother he never knew about. Goku arrives and tosses the senzu over to Vegeta. Trunks slowly wakes up and sees Goku with the others. Trunks angrily attacks him, to which Goku catches his fist and asks him what's going on. 

Trunks realizes that this is the regular Goku he once knew, and says he thought he died when Cell exploded. Goku says a lot has happened since then and he's come back to life. Trunks is happy to see his mother back alive and Vegeta asks what happened. Trunks is glad that he made it back to the past.

Beerus asks Bulma's present day child if his name is also Trunks. Whis says the other Trunks must have traveled through time. Goku asks if Majin Buu destroyed everything. Trunks says he was able to defeat Darbura and Babidi and prevent Buu from ever awakening, thanks to the help of Kaioshin. Vegeta smirks proudly saying he expected nothing less from his son. 

Beerus asks Future Trunks if he's the grown up version of the Trunks they know now. Whis was surprised humans were able to create such a thing and Bulma says her future self created the time machine. Whis reminds her that time travel is a serious crime and Beerus says he should destroy her now. Bulma says she not the same person as her future self. Vegeta asks Trunks what is the new enemy they're facing this time. 

Trunks says this new threat wants to kill all humans in the name of justice and already destroyed other planets and wiped out countless civilizations. He also just recently killed his mother. Vegeta asks who this person is. Trunks says this new threat is Goku, or rather a person that looks like Goku, which is why he attacked him earlier. Bulma says the Goku from his timeline was already dead, and Trunks doesn't understand it either, but this new Goku has a different and cruel personality. The Bulma from the future timeline called him Goku Black.

Trunks says he fought with him for a year and just managed to get away with the time machine but it's a one way trip. Vegeta is angry that Trunks ran away and asks if he doesn't want to take revenge. Bulma tells him he did the best the could and he should get some rest. Goku says Trunks doesn't have to go with them, Vegeta and him should ne enough. He asks what kind of fuel the Time Machine uses. Trunks says its a liquid called Blue 15. Bulma says that's exactly the kind of fuel they're working on currently, but even if she was to drain all her machines it would take all day to fill up the time machine. Trunks is surprised because it took them a year to get even half of what they needed.

Vegeta asks Bulma if it's fine for them to go, and she says she already knows it's useless to keep them from a fight, but they better return alive. Trunks says Goku Black is incredibly strong and even though he trained and got stronger, he still couldn't defeat him. Goku takes him out back to spar.

Both Goku and Trunks turn into Super Saiyan 2 and start fighting. Trunks is able to dodge one of Goku's punches and kick him to the air. Trunks whips out his sword and Goku blocks the strikes with his finger like he did against him many years ago. Kid Trunks is impressed by his future self. Goku is impressed and says he's more powerful than Gohan was back then. Trunks said it was ten years since then and he trained himself to death. Goku offers to show him something new and turns into Super Saiyan 3. Trunks was surprised there was a level above his, but he never thought he was at his limit. With that Trunks powers up again, and Vegeta notes that even though he didn't transform, his power is close to Goku's Super Saiyan 3.

As Trunks charges at him, Goku warps behind him and kicks the back of his head. Whis notes Goku used his god form for a split second. Goku is impressed Trunks got this far on his own, but Trunks says it wasn't enough to defeat Goku Black. Goku asks Beerus and Whis if they can come along in case things go bad. Beerus says the fates of alternate Earths aren't his business. He reminds them that time travel is a serious crime and he is still not happy with them using a time machine. Beerus doesn't understand how his alternate self is just letting them do as they please. 

Trunks asks what is a god of destruction and Beerus asks if he's still sleeping on his side. Whis says earlier Trunks defeated Dabura with the help of the Kaioshin, so what happened to him afterwards. Trunks laments that the Kaioshin died in battle. Beerus says he was an idiot and that's what happens when he tries too hard. Goku says he didn't know he liked him that much. 

Whis explains that the Kaioshin and Hakaishin are connected, if the Kaioshin dies, the Hakaishin dies along with him. This would mean that in Trunks' alternate timeline, the God of Destruction no longer exists. 

Bonus Story- 

Back when the Androids 17 and 18 first appeared, the Z Warriors tried their best to fend them off. At this time Goku was already dead due to the heart virus. Gohan managed to escape, hoping to use the Dragonballs. He runs into Bulma and they both fly off in her aircraft to find them. Before they could get there, the sky was already turning black.

At this time, Pilaf, Mai and Shou had gathered the Dragonballs, but they were very old by now. Pilaf uses the Dragon to wish them to be young again. Bulma and Gohan arrive too late to stop them. Unfortunately the wish made Pilaf and his gang too young, as now they're babies. The Dragonballs had turned to stone now, since Piccolo was killed in battle. 

With Bulma holding onto baby Trunks, the narrator explains this is kinda/sorta the first time baby Trunks and baby Mai encountered each other. 

My Opinions-

Wow, this manga sure had a lot of differences from the anime, that's for sure. While the first volume mostly trimmed down stuff and expected you to have already seen Battle of Gods and Resurrection F, this adds interesting new lore and just differences overall.

The tournament fights were pretty trimmed down with some differences here and there. In the anime version Piccolo mostly relied on charging up the Makkankosappo during the entire fight, even while blocking attacks and using after images. The manga version had a bit more back and forth and felt like an actual fight. Though gotta feel for how they were kinda ragging on Piccolo in this one. Telling Piccolo that he's mostly there to wear the opponent out so that Vegeta can finish the job is like telling Krillin 'you're just here cause you're the guy that dies a lot'.

As for Vegeta vs Magetta, one of the things the manga left out was how Magetta was constantly making the arena fill up with steam. It wasn't just his own steam, but all his magma related attacks continuously cranked up the heat making it so Vegeta was not just fighting him but also fighting off the effects of dehydration. Vegeta has to power up to the point the entire dome around them shattered to finally cool things down. Kinda wish we saw some of that in the manga.

As for Goku VS Hit, it was interesting how Goku did the opposite in the manga when compared to the anime. In the manga Goku focused more on conserving power, fighting mostly in Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan God forms. He only used his Super Saiyan Blue until the very end. The anime went the other way, rather than conserve energy, Goku probably over-exerted himself when he used the Kaioh Ken on top of Super Saiyan Blue. I still remember the jokes about 'you know you're in trouble when your opponent's aura has its own aura'.

Things get more interesting when the Goku Black arc starts. The fight between Black and Trunks was interesting, I liked the part where Trunks threw the concrete slab at him. In the anime version, Goku and Trunks were sparring in Beerus' world and Tights only had a cameo later on in the sage. In the manga Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, Whis and Tights were all chilling at Bulma's, all while the teacher was giving class outdoors to Trunks. 

I like how they went more into the time travel/parallel world theories. The way time travel works in Dragonball Z and Super is you really can't alter the past to change the future, it only creates an alternate future instead. If you remember, Trunks originally went back in time to warn the crew about the Androids and Goku falling ill to the heart virus in about 3 years. Even with that future knowledge, when Trunks returned to his timeline, the Androids were still running around causing damage, and all the Z Warriors were still dead. Nothing really changed, it just created a parallel world with different Androids that would lead to the Cell Games. 

This gets discussed later on in the anime, and I wonder if the manga will go over that since they already foreshadowed it here. I like how the manga fixed the mistake of Trunks' hair color, where Bulma asked her current son Trunks if the guy he saw in the time machine had the same color hair he does. For whatever reason, the anime decided to give Trunks blue hair for no other reason than I guess... it looks cool and the characters act as if he had blue hair all along. In the anime version Bulma hasn't even seen Future Trunks yet and asks if the guy he saw had blue hair. It's more confusing because on one side they act like his hair has always been blue, even when they show flashbacks form Z where it was clearly not the case. On the other side, Kid Trunks still has his original hair color, and it just looks weird cause they're supposed to be the same guy. Then they went ahead and added more made up flashbacks that take place sometime in the Z era, in which Trunks had the blur hair then. That kinda stuff always irks me.

The real interesting stuff we found out was how powerful Trunks has become, even being able to come close to a Super Saiyan 3 in terms or power. There's also the fact that Beerus' life is tied to Kaioshin's life, so if one dies so does the other. It reminds me of the classic connection between Kami Sama and Piccolo. I don't think this was ever brought up in the anime, which is a shame because it really does explain why the Lord Beerus from that timeline never intervened to get rid of Goku Black directly.

Overall a very good read, I was very entertained with the differences between the manga and the anime My understanding is the manga was made around the time the anime started with the Goku Black arc (correct me if I'm wrong) so a lot of the stuff is different going forward, so I'm looking forward to reading up on this. I'm also surprised just how much is covered. Volume 2 and we're already at the start of the Goku Black arc. While organizing my manga collection, I also noticed Caulifla and Kale are already on the back covers of Volume 6. I guess the arcs aren't as long as they were before but imagine if this was DBZ and the second volume was already dealing with Androids?

Anyways I'm enjoying the manga and am more and more curious to go on as things are about to really go off course when in comparison to the anime. I can't wait.

Also WTF happened here? I don't know what's worse, Goku's horrible proportions and Bulma having a straight line go down her back like that. Yo, Toyotaro, it's called an eraser. Maybe try drawing Goku again before you release the manga to the masses? One panel out of 7 or so chapters, so I can't blame Toyotaro too much unless more examples popped up. I mean the anime actually had that horrible Super Saiyan 3 fight against Lord Beerus. Oh well, see you next time as we continue on with volume 3.